VideoInspector Fixes Problems with Windows 10 Support in Log File

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
CEO & Founder
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As the name pretty much suggests it, VideoInspector is a software tool which helps bring detailed information regarding your video files. Now it has reached version and a couple of useful features have been released.

By using VideoInspector, you will be able to tell the reason why your video files have no sound or don’t render as they should. VideoInspector will help you install the required codecs and will also inspect your system to find which codecs are available.

Here are the new features and bug fixes in VideoInspector

  • Google Search for missing codecs – resolved
  • Upgrade of internal JEDI Libraries – resolved
  • Windows 10 support in log file – resolved
  •  Japanese translation update – resolved

So, as we can see, at least in my opinion as a Windows 10 user, the most significant update is the fix for Windows 10 users. You can have a look at all the important changes which have been release to VideoInspector for Windows 10 users on our dedicated download page.

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