Virtual CloneDrive for Windows Brings ElbyCDIO Fix and More Improvements

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Virtual CloneDrive is believed to be one of the best virtual drive software currently available for Windows users, and this has remained the same with the release of Windows 10, as well.

What makes Virtual CloneDrive so popular among Windows users is that it lets you use virtual drives with many features at your disposal and is completely free, on top of that. Now Virtual CloneDrive has reached version and it brought a couple of new features and fixes, as follows:

  • Windows 7 uses scsiport driver instead of storport, so this has been changed in order to fix rare compatibility issues
  • Was fixed the problem where ElbyCDIO was not restarted after uninstall
  • A couple of other minor changes and improvements have been deployed, as well, but these haven’t been documented.

If you want to keep track of all the updates and hear more about Virtual CloneDrive, then go ahead and follow our dedicated download page for this. Also, if you’re interesting in other related stories, check out how to burn ISO files in Windows 10 and some of the best free burning software for Windows 10.


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