Are there any advantages of a VPN without encryption?

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A virtual private network is specifically designed to keep your network safe and protected, hence the “private” part. Yet, some VPN users look for services that provide VPN servers that are not protected. Either that or they look for ways to disable the encryption on protected VPN servers. These people usually think that a VPN without encryption will run faster.

Can a VPN without encryption really run faster?

The truth is, while encryption is a vital part of a VPN service, it barely affects the speed of your VPN. In other words, if you are trying to download or upload something at a faster rate through a VPN service, disabling its encryption will not affect the rate your data is transferring.

Therefore, it is only logical to not look for a VPN without encryption, but instead look for a VPN provider that offers fast servers.

Which VPN services provide fast servers?

There are quite a few providers out there that offer fast servers. Some of these virtual private network providers like Mudfish, WTFast, and OutFox, are designed specifically to reduce ping and lag in online games. Naturally, they will need to offer fast and reliable servers.

However, most of these gaming dedicated VPN providers only work with online games. In other words, you cannot use them to download, upload, browse the internet, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast VPN that is also both easy to use and versatile, then you should check out CyberGhost. The great thing about CyberGhost is that they offer over 600 fast servers. The premium versions offer both top of the line encryption as well as some of the fastest servers found from a VPN service.

What’s so great about CyberGhost?

Well for one, you can fully encrypt your internet activity with AES 256 bit technology. CyberGhost is serious about your protection. They can also hide your IP, which will make it next to impossible for other people to track your online activity or find your location. To be honest, without an encrypted VPN, it is far too easy for third parties to discover your IP.

Taking extra steps to ensure you have a safe and protected journey while surfing the internet, CyberGhost also screens the websites you visit. This helps you significantly reduce the chance of downloading a virus, spyware, or other malicious content from the internet.

All of this protection also means that your next Bitcoin, PayPal, or other online transactions will have another layer of security.

To top it off, if you get the premium plus subscription, then you can share your account to five other devices. So, theoretically, you can have five people using the same account simultaneously.

Finally, you get lightning fast connections with CyberGhost and unlimited bandwidth.

Basically, what I am trying to say is CyberGhost seriously outperforms most of its competitors. It is the most well-rounded provider that can be used for in any type of online activity.

So if you are looking for a VPN without encryption because you need a fast VPN, then I suggest you use CyberGhost.

Why not have both a fast VPN and a secure one?



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