How To Watch Portugal Vs Uruguay Live For Free [Fifa World Cup]

Bypass region locks and enjoy amazing speed for streaming

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Want to watch the upcoming Fifa World Cup competition for free?
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  • Don't worry about geo-restrictions, with this method you can watch from anywhere.
watch portugal vs urugay live for free on rtve

Fifa World Cup is all the rage right now, but only a handful of digital and regular TV channels have broadcasting rights for the matches, but we got a solution on how you can watch Portugal vs Uruguay live for free.

Most digital hubs demand money, except the Spanish broadcaster RTVE. The only problem is that the channel is only available to those physically located in Spain.

However, there is a foolproof way to bypass this geo block and watch the upcoming competition for free, regardless of your location.

How to Watch Portugal vs Uruguay Live for Free?

The most foolproof way that ensures you won’t disconnect in the middle of the match due to poor connection or IP leaks is to use a reputable VPN.

With a VPN you can mask your IP address and make it appear as if you are browsing from any country of your choice.

We use ExpressVPN because it’s fast and has multiple servers in Barcelona and Madrid, making it ideal to unlock RTVE.

Here’s how to configure it to watch Portugal vs Uruguay live on RTVE:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription and download the dedicated app. ExpressVPN download to watch Uruguay vs Portugal live for free
  2. Follow the installation prompts.
  3. Launch the app and search for a Spanish server in the location list and connect. Search for Spanish server and connect
  4. Go ahead and access RTVE. Stream Uruguay vs Portugal live after connecting to ExpressVPN

Spoofing your IP is what can get you access to RTVE from outside Spain. We recommend ExpressVPN for its stable servers that are paired with advanced privacy features.

The VPN ensures no data leaks occur when you’re connected.

ISPs or the RTVE will not flag your connection since they cannot trace you, all thanks to the powerful AES-256-bit encryption.

Its unlimited bandwidth makes sure you don’t run out of data all month, and its no-lag lets you catch all the action with lightning connection speed.


Connect to a server from Spain to watch buffer-free Fifa World Cup matches on RTVE!
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Wrap Up

Watching all matches in the World Cup for free is possible. The Spanish television, RTVE holds broadcasting rights

Apart from IP-spoofing strength, users also need to be wary of security challenges and prioritize only reliable VPNs.

DNS, IPV6, and WebRTC leaks will reveal your location and could get you yanked off. Worry not about those as you watch the live match for free with our recommended VPN.