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Today, the Windows Report team will be showing you some of the best website security software. Website security has become more important in the past decade with news of high profile web attacks on websites. These attacks range from DDoS, malware distributions, heavy adware activity, website hijacking, and complete website shutdown.

Hence, the emergent need to secure websites against impeding attacks. However, this has led to an increase in web security but the hard choice for users is how to pick the right website security software. Meanwhile Windows Report has compiled some of the best web security software available on the market to help you choose the right security solution for your website.

Protect your website with these security tools



website security softwareThis web security software uses cloud-based security technology to automatically detect threats and attacks on your website. Sitelock also helps prevent attacks by fixing threats and putting them in their database, to ensure the attack is recognized and fixed anytime it resurfaces.

The software helps to boost website performance and allows online e-commerce websites meet PCI compliance standards through its excellent customer based support it offers. Sitelock uses “Truecode” statistic application testing which allows for fast analyzing the source base of websites and applications to prevent attacks.

The DDoS protection helps to keep your DNS server and Web applications secure from malware.  This website security software is excellent software to use for your website protection. The software is available for download on Windows devices and price range from $9 to $49 depending on your website activities.

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Rapid 7

website security softwareThis web security suite offers complete and advanced web protection features. Rapid 7 help to analyze traffic, detect, and repels attacks on your website. The software has a simple interface which allows for easy settings and customization.

Meanwhile, this website security software utilizes a unique vulnerability management feature which analyses your website traffic and indicates vulnerable spots which are remediated by the security program.

In addition, the cloud-based protection technology allows your entire system workload to be minimized while increases your website credibility and protecting your site endpoints. In addition, Rapid 7 is available for Windows devices.

Download Rapid 7



website security softwareSucuri is a popular website security software provider with a reputation for its strong security features. The program uses cloud-based technology to ensure comprehensive security for your website. Meanwhile, this web security software helps to increase your website performance through its CDN and smart catching features.

In addition, Sucuri suite package comes with an inbuilt antivirus and firewall to detect viruses and prevent bug attacks on your website. Also, the software filters web traffic and blocks hacks and bugs through DDoS mitigation and WAF; hence, Sucuri also patches vulnerable spots on your website to prevent exploit attacks.

You can also back up your website information with their cloud storage which is a cool feature. Sucuri offers quality customer support services which are available 24/7 all through the year. Also, Sucuri is available on Windows devices and comes at a basic cost of $10 per month.

Download Sucuri



website security softwareNetSparker offers excellent web security features and is cross-compatible on several operating system platforms. This website security software offers a nice user interface which makes web security easy to setup and use without having any technical knowledge.

In addition, NetSparker scans your website and gives detailed vulnerability reports periodically which allows for easy detection and removal of threats. The software enables full configuration of its scanning tool whereby you can select which part of your website needs more attention.

The penetration test feature enables the software to protect your website from DDoS attacks and bugs as it detects and blocks these threats. In addition, NetSparker enables your website to be PCI compliant; hence, it improves your website performance and boost credibility with your site visitors.

However, this website security software is pricey and comes at a whopping $1950 a year. But, they offer good customer support which is available 24/7 daily, and their software is available on Windows and other OS.

Download NetSparker


Comodo Cwatch

website security softwareThis is one of the popular website security software with millions of websites protected by this security software. Comodo Cwatch uses cloud network technology to manage security services for websites and online applications.

Comodo offers comprehensive security services which detect, and removes malware after detection.  The software uses a unique combination of security information and event management with web application firewall to create a secure content of delivery network which secures your website.

In addition, this website security software also comes with improved website performance with the DDoS keeping threats at bay while keeping your website information safe. Comodo Cwatch helps your website to be PCI compliant which gives online merchant more credibility as a safe place to make purchases.

The software also boasts of excellent customer support which guides you through the entire setup and is available 24/7 a day.

However, Comodo Cwatch is ideal for any business website either startup or established website. The software is available on Windows devices to download with the basic price at $9.90 monthly and the premium plan costs $24 a month

Download Comodo Cwatch

Conclusively, there are other website security software out there but those listed here are the best ones which have been properly reviewed. However, the website security software listed is unique in its own way; the best software combines a blend of affordability and capability which are highlighted in this post.

Have you used any of the website security software which we mentioned above? Feel free to share your experience with us by commenting below.



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