Xbox Leaderboard: Who’s Got the Highest Gamerscore in 2022?

by Madhuparna Roy
Madhuparna Roy
Madhuparna Roy
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  • The Xbox leaderboard tells you which rank you hold currently, your gamerscore, and your achievements. 
  • As you complete more games, you unlock more achievements and earn more points to increase your gamerScore.
  • The Guinness world record holder Raymond Cox alias Stallion83 with 2,000,000 gamerscore, was later dethroned by smrnov. 
highest Xbox gamerscore

Who wouldn’t like to know if they are on the list of achievers on the Xbox leaderboard, and who got the highest gamerscore in 2022?

Before we get to that information, here’s a quick brief on gamerscore, leaderboard, and the Xbox achievements.

GamerScore (G) is the total points earned by unlocking achievements, while the leaderboard keeps you updated with the top achievers.

Achievement scores are digital rewards that come in multiples of five, from 5 to 100.

You can visit the Xbox achievements hub to check the list of your achievements and more details related to your gamerscore.

Alternatively, you can visit a third-party site like TrueAchievements to check the gamerscore leaderboard.

At the same time, earning gamerscores won’t be possible without a properly working controller.

So, if your Xbox cloud gaming controller is not working, do read our guide to fixing the problem at the earliest.

In this post, we will answer some of the most common questions that Xbox gamers often ask and search online.

What is the average Xbox Gamerscore?

what is the average xbox gamerscore

Microsoft has divulged that the average Xbox LIVE gamerscore is 11,286, while the highest gamerscore is at 540k.

According to Ray Cox (Stallion83), he has completed more than 800 of the 1500 games he has played. One of his prized achievements is 10,000 kills in the Gears of War multiplayer game.

What is the rarest Xbox achievement?

what is the rarest xbox achievement

The rarest Xbox achievement is by Bethesda’s Todd Howard, who disclosed that Xbox designed an achievement worth 1000 points specifically for him.

But, if you ask what is the hardest Xbox achievement, you can check the list below

Brick Breaker (Xbox One) – Survival Level 5

Deathsmiles (Xbox 360) – True Tyrant

Fishing Planet (Xbox One) – Winning Streak

Asteroids & Deluxe (Xbox 360) – Platinum

Trackmania Turbo (Xbox One) – End Of The Road?

However, before you can get an achievement, you must know what is a good gamerscore to reach the top of the leaderboard.

What is a good gamerscore?

what is a good gamerscore

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So, how do you earn a respectable gamerscore?

To be as being better than most, you should be looking at the median/50th percentile, and that should be around 40,000 gamerscore.

So, if you’re past the 40k mark, you can expect to be in the top 50% of gamers on the leaderboard.

Who has the most gamerscore on Xbox in 2022?

who has the highest gamerscore in 2022

As of now, RedmptionDenied leads the chart with 3,214,175 points on the Xbox gamerscore leaderboard with smrnov just behind him (3,138,814).

In 2021, gamer Hunter Jiexe pulled off the Superhuman feat by making a staggering 500,000 gamerscore in the span of just one month making it the most gamerscore earned in a month by anyone to date.

Talking of the most gamerscore in a day, it goes to vSully (Gamertag) who earned a 40,000 gamerscore in 24 hours.

What Xbox games give the most gamerscore?

Having said that, below is a list of all the Xbox games that offer most gamerscore in one achievement.

Minecraft – 5,864

Android (Minecraft) – 5,372

Kindle Fire (Minecraft) – 4,375

Xbox One Edition (Minecraft) – 3,847

Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes – 3,313

Bullet Beat – 3,262

ARK: Survival Evolved – 3,210

If you want to know who has the most followers on Xbox, then it’s Major Nelson who has close to 1 million followers on Xbox One.

Besides, here’s a list of the top 5 best Xbox gamer accounts to follow in 2022 that help you to create a better competition:

  1. BennyCentral – host of the show Xbox On
  2. P3 – the head of Xbox
  3. MayWeatherKO – American boxer
  4. McVinny – actor Vin Diesel
  5. MrFahadKhan – Twitch Streamer and Xbox Ambassador

Needless to mention how popular and addictive is gaming with Xbox that the list includes even the biggest names from all fields joining the frenzy.

However, if you want to know why Xbox’s My home is not working, you can follow our detailed guide to fix the problem.

So, how many Xbox gamerscores did you earn this month? Do you feature on the leaderboard? Do let us know in the comments box below.

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