6 Best NFT Xbox Games To Try Out

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • NFT is a blockchain technology introduced in some new and upcoming games which are/will be available on various platforms, including the Xbox console.
  • The difference between a regular video game and an NFT one is not huge but the motive of the gameplay may be different for some users.
  • Play-to-earn NFT games don't guarantee that you will earn money, as there are some facts you will find in this article.
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NFT technology has landed on video games not too long ago. There are games on your smartphone, PC, or even consoles that use this technology.

Since the beginning of BlockChain technology, we have got the cryptocurrency and later NFT, however, there’s a difference between the two.

In recent years, many titles have incorporated this, and in today’s guide, we’re going to show you the best NFT Xbox games that you can get.

How does NFT works in gaming?

These types of games are like any regular one we play every day, but they have NFTs in their mechanisms and rules. Such mechanisms differ and it’s up to developers how will they implement this feature.

You can think about those where you earn different digital items and achievements based on your performance. In both regular and NFT games, you can sell these digital items on the marketplace.

However, each of these items will be unique and there won’t be any equivalent items. As a result, there is a high chance to get a decent amount by selling the items. This is a common difference between regular and NFT games.

Also, your character, avatar, weapon stickers, etc., can be unique. In some cases, there may be an in-game mining system where players will earn cryptos and can purchase different unique items to boost performance.

Mainly, NFT games work in two models; play-to-earn and pay-to-earn. You can start with play-to-earn games with or without paying/investing anything. While playing, you will earn native currencies or other digital items.

On the other hand, they don’t allow you to enjoy the game unless they invest something in it. Each of these models may work differently, as you’ll see by yourself.

What are the best NFT Xbox games to get?

The Gardens Between

the gardens between

If you are a big fan of puzzle adventure titles, there is no better title than The Gardens Between as an NFT game for Xbox. With artistic low poly graphics, this single-player game can attract those who have a deep interest in this type of genre.

The Voxel Agents is behind the development and publishing of The Gardens Between, and they are one of the first developers who introduced NFT in their mechanisms. Right now, this popular title is available on many other platforms, along with Xbox.

You will have to help your friend to solve some interesting puzzles. For this, you’ll need to manipulate time in the correct way. After completing each particular task/level, you will earn NFT achievements.

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Get The Gardens Between



The Stormrite is an open-world RPG NFT game developed by Kelechi Apakama, and it’s available on Xbox, Steam, and other platforms. If you want a high-end video option where blockchain technology is used, Stormrite is the best choice.

It is story-based, where a player can explore the world of Stormrite, reveal the secrets, twisted history of the kingdom, and fight the enemies.

Stormrite has multiple endings like we usually see on modern RPG games. NFT items are available too and you can purchase them using Enjin’s platform and redeem them in Stormrite.

You may also sell digital items in Enjin’s marketplace, where you can make a profit, get your money back, or even lose some money.

Get Stormrite

22 Racing Series

Are you a racing game fan? The 22 Racing Series developed by GOATi Entertainment is probably the best NFT game you can play. It is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

22 Racing Series is an RTS racing title where you will need to apply real-time strategy to win while doing high-speed racing. You can play it with enjoyment because of its simple graphics on your Xbox as well as a low-end budget gaming PC.

This is an extreme example of a game that uses blockchain technology. There are various digital items available and a player can get an NFT car each month if they are lucky enough.

Except for this, you can explore many other exciting things once you start playing it.

Get 22 Racing Series



ChainMonsters is another excellent NFT Xbox game. It’s an online RPG multiplayer one developed by B-Side Games where the player will have to explore the map, find various items, catch monsters and do battle.

There is a huge list of unique monsters and the gameplay can be more fun than you expect because of story-based campaigns.

The player can earn resources, upgrade their monsters, modify them, and turn them into digital items for sale. Some of the resources like gemstones, flowers, or any other rare items that you often find on the map can be NFT. You can also earn items rewards based on performance.

Get ChainMonsters



The HeroCatGamefi is an NFT game available on multiple platforms, including the Xbox. It’s a Metaverse where a player can use Hero Cat to fight battles.

You can say it’s a play-to-earn NFT+DEFI mining game. You may easily earn crypto by playing or spending time in the game. There are a lot of rewards and items, including the mining pet that everyone talks about.

The mining pet is an important part to take into consideration. Every player can purchase just one mining pet. Over time, it will mine HCT (Hero Cat Tokens) that you can use to buy items, including Hero Cats.

Get HeroCatGamefi

Alpha Kombat

Alpha Kombat

Alpha Kombat is a play-and-earn NFT game available on Xbox and some other platforms. The gameplay is similar to Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter. But, It is a global blockchain tournament game where you can get NFT rewards.

This may not be as enjoyable as Street Fighter, but it unlocks the ability to earn money by just playing. The developer claims that Alpha Kombat can be a good source of passive income for those who are passionate.

Get Alpha Kombat

Can play-to-earn games be a money machine for me?

The term money machine is a bit inappropriate here. Of course, you can earn a lot from play-to-earn games. But, there is no guarantee that you can make money by just playing this type.

Sometimes, the outcome can be zero. It depends on many things, including the time you are willing to spend and the demand for items.

In most cases, you will earn money by selling the NFT items you got. There are times when they may come free, and sometimes you may need to purchase these items. If you choose to purchase, there is also a chance of losing money.

This type of game earns by cutting transaction fees from the players and also by selling NFT items. For example, In the HeroCatGamefi, the player will have to pay a fee to acquire a Mining Pet.

However, if the main motive of either the developer or the player is to earn money, the quality of the gameplay may drop, and later that can be a problem for both parties.

This type of NFT game should be seen as just a video game where money-making is just a bonus.

The play-to-earn is a relatively new gaming business model that has been shaking the industry in recent years. We can expect it will grow further within the next few years. Who knows, some games can be a real money machine. Only time will give us the final answer.

This article showcased the best Xbox NFT games. In case you’re looking for more options, then you should read our guide on cheap Xbox One games to buy.

Also, if you’re new to NFT but eager to gain in-depth knowledge about the subject, let us help you discover the best software to create NFT art.

If you already have experience with any of these titles or even any kind of NFT games, you can share your experience in the comment box.

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