Windows 10 1903, 1909 CPU requirements updated

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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cpu requirements windows 10 1903 1909

Microsoft officially detailed the new CPU requirements for the hardware that will be released pre-installed with the new Windows 10 version 1903, respectively 1909.

As we already know it, the 1909 upcoming Windows 10 update will be quite similar with the current 1903 build. Thus, the minimum CPU requirements are, in most parts, identical for both Windows versions.

Windows 10 system requirements for new PCs

Mainly, the Microsoft hardware clarifications adds support for Intel, AMD and Qualcomm. Of course, these are the CPU requirements on new hardware that will be launched along with the Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909.

Therefore, if you’re already using a Windows 10 powered computer, you will still be able to receive and install the November updates without any problems. You only have to grant enough storage space for the actual patch. You can also download the Windows 10 v1903 ISO for a smooth install.

For running a relatively old build on a newer machine the problem will consist in the support offered by the manufacturer. Shortly put, if the BIOS was updated, you might not be able to run older versions of Windows anymore.

As for the new specification list, the Microsoft press release now includes the 5G Snapdragon 8cX. It was previously excluded on the May 2019 Update.

Additionally, the new document lists support up to Snapdragon 850 and Intel’s 10th generation Core processors. The Xeon E-22, Atom, Pentium and Celeron CPUs are also mentioned. See the image below for further details on that 10 cpu requirements

Microsoft is expected to push out the Windows 10 v1909 during the following two or three weeks. And for the devices that ships with either 1903 or 1909 builds, the CPU minimum requirements are now crystal-clear.

On the new updates, for clean installs you will need to provide at least 32GB of storage space. This space is required for apps that will be added during the installation process. It will be also used for keeping data safe on your device.

Anyway, as we know, starting with the May 2019 Update Microsoft added the Reserved Storage feature. This feature is automatically reserving space for updates, temporary files, system cache or apps.

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