Windows 10 19H2 is on its way but users think it’s meaningless

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Windows 10 19H2 release date

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Windows 10 19H2 is expected to arrive in the second half of this year. However, this update is only an enhanced version of a service pack update.

Microsoft is currently working on two updates at the same time. As we have already reported, Windows 10 19H1 lands later this month. The next update in the sequence Windows 10 19H2 which is expected to be available in October this year.

For the time being, Microsoft remained silent about the exclusive features that will come along with Windows 10 19H2. According to some recent reports, this update may not bring a too many new features and major changes. You should expect the update to be an enhanced version of a service pack update, nothing more.

Microsoft won’t skip Windows 10 19H2

Windows 10 19H2 Update appears to be a minor update but still, you can expect some performance improvements and refinements in the UI.

Earlier this month, there were some speculations that Microsoft may skip Windows 10 19H2 but soon these rumors were laid to rest. The tech giant announced biannual upgrades for its Windows 10 OS and there is no option to step back. 

We can now understand why Microsoft didn’t share any details regarding Windows 10 19H2. It is pretty much possible that there is nothing important to say about this update.

Moreover, it all depends on the upcoming Windows 10 May 2019 Update. The Redmond giant is working very hard to ensure that no bugs make their way to your systems.

Microsoft may reconsider 19H2 if things do not go according to plan. Microsoft cannot afford another Windows 10 October Update bug episode.

Users think bi-annual updates are meaningless

The news sparked some discussions on Reddit. Some Windows users think that there is no need for two updates a year as this is not a practical approach.

Users think that Windows 10 needed bi-annual updates when the OS was in the early development phases. They think that Microsoft is following the footsteps of Ubuntu that releases two feature updates a year.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update should land later this week.



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