Windows 10 Anniversary Update restores settings to default for some users

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It looks like the Anniversary Update is causing more problems for the users who’ve installed it than anyone expected. The latest confirmed issue seems to be the update resetting all Windows settings to default.

As soon as users reported this issue on Microsoft’s forums, the company replied saying that the Anniversary Update will indeed reset settings on some computers without any particular reason as to why. Microsoft said that its development team is working on a solution, and that a forthcoming update that addresses it should be pushed through Windows Update soon.

“We are aware of an issue that could reset a few of your personalized settings choices to their defaults. The team is working hard to fix this as soon as possible so that future updates will not cause these settings to revert to the defaults. If you’ve already updated to version 1607, here are some of the settings that may have been reset. Please go to the Settings app to re-personalize any of these settings if any have changed,” said Microsoft.

Based on user feedback, the Anniversary Update is working fine for most. However, despite having caused some problems here and there, we still can say that the update is pretty stable. We’re going to hunt for more issues caused by the Anniversary Update and we’ll let you know about them as soon as possible.

In case you’ve encountered some issues upon installing the Anniversary Update, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to find a solution for your problem. You can also feel free to tell us about your experience with the Anniversary Update so far!



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