10+ best Windows 10 themes that you should try right now

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  • Users love to customize their PCs and make it look like an extension of themselves.
  • You can do this with a new wallpaper, or by installing an entirely new theme.
  • Speaking of which, we will be showcasing some of the most popular themes for Windows 10.
  • Additionally, we will show you a software tool that can completely overhaul your PC's look.
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One of the key aspects of Windows 10 is its customization. Now, if you want to customize Windows 10, the best way to do it is through themes.

Speaking of themes, today we want to show you some of the best Windows 10 themes to download.

Each of these themes comes with multiple wallpapers, unique window colors and sounds.

Before we dive in, we want to remind you that you can now download Windows 10 themes from the Microsoft Store as well. Once downloaded, you can manage them from the Settings page.

Quick tip:

If you’re looking to customize the look of your PC, but you aren’t thinking just about the windows tint color, but a complete overhaul, then you’ll need a complete third-party tool like Stardock’s Object Desktop.

This software suit comes with pretty much anything you need to make your PC look and feel different, from themes, to live wallpapers, UI rearrangements, customized sounds, and more.

Object Desktop

Object Desktop

If you’re looking to give your Windows 10 PC a fresh new look, give it a complete makeover with Object Desktop!

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Which are the top themes for Windows 10?

Aurora Borealis

best windows 10 themes

This theme comes with 8 wallpapers showing Aurora Borealis over beautiful landscape of Iceland and Norway.

The color of the windows is set to sea green and the wallpapers are set to automatically change after five minutes.

Download theme

A Rainbow of Birds

windows 10 theme

A Rainbow of Birds is a  theme designed for bird lovers that comes with 12 wallpapers with all sorts of birds on them such as flamingos, kingfishers, swans, peacocks and hummingbirds.

Download theme


best windows 10 themes 4

This theme is designed for fans of science fiction and space exploration. GTGraphics comes with user created pictures of space and even though it doesn’t feature any real pictures of our galaxy it still looks amazing.

Download theme

Forza Motorsport 4

best windows 10 themes 6

Forza Motorsport 4 theme is designed for gamers that have played Forza Motorsport 4 or for fans of racing cars.

There are 17 high resolution wallpapers in this theme that feature cars such as Koenigsegg Agera, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mclaren, BMW and Ferrari.

Download theme

Child of Light

best windows 10 themes 7

Child of Light theme is based on Child of Light game, so it will be perfect for fans of the game.

Even if you’re not a fan of the game you still might enjoy beautiful 19 wallpapers that look like they were made with watercolors.

Download theme


best windows 10 themes 8

If you love nature and wildlife then you’re going to love this theme that captures morning in the nature.

There are 8 wallpapers and all of them include pictures of birds, insects,river banks, plants and meadows in the morning.

Download theme

Frozen Formations

best windows 10 themes 9

Frozen Formations theme features beautiful pictures of ice, so if you like icicles, sunrays over the ice and icebergs, this theme is for you. As for the number of wallpapers, this theme comes with 12 different wallpapers.

Download theme

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since themes are of a cosmetic nature, determining which is the best depends on one’s taste. Nonetheless, here’s a list of the most popular Windows 10 themes.

  • If you want to give your desktop a complete visual upgrade, you could try using a new theme, or a live wallpaper or screensaver.

  • One great step towards giving your Window s10 a visual upgrade is using a dynamic wallpaper.

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