Windows 10 Build 10547 Causing a Lot of Problems for Those Who Installed it

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Microsoft has recently released the Windows 10 build 10547 which brought a lot of improvements. But as it is the case with almost every new build, various problems have been reported.

Windows 10 Build 10547 issues

The most recent Windows 10 build 10547 brings some much need updates, and this is all great and nice, but there are plenty of problems that have been recently reported by those who have downloaded and installed it.

I’ve been looking around the Microsoft support forums and found plenty of problems and have decided to put here some of the most annoying ones. If you have other problems that aren’t listed here, do leave your comment below and let us know which these are, so that we could compile all of them together.

Windows 10 build 10547 problems

Here are some of the main problems, bugs and glitches that we have managed to find and put together:

  • Check your connection” issue on Windows 10 Store with error 0x80004005

Check your connection issue on Windows 10 Store error 0x80004005

  • Windows 10 displays windows mark and small white points circling below it as usual, and after that screen turns black, and begins strange behavior. Sometimes goes dumb, sometimes white flash repeats. Sometimes ctrl+alt+del brings to login screen, but other times I need to turn off and on. Then suddenly I see login screen. After login screen I can log in normally.
  • I  am trying to install build 10547 for Windows 10 pro and, the installation is failing, and reverting to current build 10240. I had the same issue with other insider builds like previous 10532. I am currently stuck on build 10240. The installation completes but upon restart of PC reverts back to previous build i.e. 10240.
  • It seems like I have a problem when upgrading my PC from build 10532 to 10547. The upgrade progress gets stuck at 93% overall (Configuring settings 75%) and it has been like that for around one hour or two. The hard drive light blinks, but it only blinks once every few seconds which causes me to worry. Apparently, a program called mcbuilder.exe opened before progress gets stuck there.
  • I upgraded to Windows 10 Build 10547 just now. And, when I try to logoff em logon, I am stuck on a blank screen, with internet status and power icons in the right corner, but no sign-in box. The same happens when I try to reboot, or turn off and On.
  • I’ve always been on the fast ring and I always got builds with no problem. But today, after almost an hour after a new one has been made available, it’s still not showing up to me!

windows insider build not showing up

  • I have just upgraded from a troublesome Windows 10 build 10532, which kept freezing, to a new build 10547-has anyone else had the same problem 

So, as we can see, there are plenty of problems listed here. Of course, many of them have fixes, but I invite you to leave your comment below with a problem that hasn’t a fix yet. Hopefully, a future build will take care of these current issues.

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