Windows 10 build 14295 causes a lot of issues for Windows Insiders

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Microsoft released the new build 14295 for Windows 10 Preview a couple of days ago. The company itself said the new build would feature a bevy of issues, similar to our warning to expect even more problems than those listed by Microsoft with this build. It turned out we were right: numerous users have reported a lot of issues on Microsoft’s forum. Let’s take a look at the reported problems and see if we can do something to fix them.

Windows 10 Preview Build 14295 reported issues

  • We start our report with installation problems. One user reported that he was unable to receive the latest build on his Desktop PC. “All of a sudden, the new build 14295 came out and the laptop got it and the desktop didn’t. I know it’s still early, but my gut tells me somethings wrong. All my settings are the same as always, ie fast ring, activated, digital entitlements etc., etc. on both. ” A few Insiders offered some help, but unfortunately none of the solutions was helpful.
  • Another similar problem occurred to another user who complained that he wasn’t able to receive the latest build after the rollback. Specifically, he rolled back from build 14291 to build 14279 because he encountered some problems (which is completely normal, since build 14291 was extremely troublesome). After he did, he failed to receive the build 14295. “Some critical problems comes up and I decided to rollback to 14279. Done so successfully. However, after rollback, build 14291 was instantly offered to me and I was no choice to reject it.
    Its tried to install a few times, always with errors. Tonight, I downloaded 14295, but, situation is the same. Installation is not possible.”
  • Even users who installed the update successfully had problems doing so. “ I got the download of the new build without any problems. I clicked the restart button and the build went into the configuring mode. When the configuration reached 87%, it stayed there for about 25 minutes. After this delay, configuration completed normally and then went into restarting mode. I left the computer on for about 45 minutes but the computer never restarted. I shut the computer down and restarted it.  Updating Windows continued normally. Except for these update hiccups the update installed successfully.” In the end, the update installed successfully, so we don’t really consider this issue a major one.
  • Microsoft delivered extensions to Edge with the previous Windows 10 Preview build, but problems started to appear in the very next update. One user said that he was unable to use Microsoft Edge extensions upon installing build 14295:windows 10 mobile 14295 problem
  • Microsoft fixed the reported problem with Xbox Controller in this build, but apparently another problem cropped up, with one user complaining on the Microsoft Community forums about his computer not recognizing his NVidia GT750 graphics card. “ I deleted the NVidia driver and let win 10 install a new driver.  I had the same symptoms.  I reduced video display to low instead of high which I was running and the problem was still there.  then I switched the game to internal intel drivers and the delay is not there now.” Once again, no one had a proper solution of this problem. Still, we advise you to try some of the solutions offered in our “Can’t Use Nvidia GeForce GTX760 after Windows 10 Upgrade,” and maybe you’ll get lucky.
  • Next, one user complained that he’s unable to log into Safe Mode, leading him to believe that Safe Mode is broken in this build because you can get stuck trying to access it. “Safe Mode is broken with this build to such an extent that you might get stuck in it.  In my case, the screen kept flickering as something cycled over and over again.” As you might guess, nobody had a proper solution for the Safe Mode problem. We can recommend our article about Safe Mode issues in Windows 10 for possible solutions, but we can’t guarantee it will get the job done.
  • Restarting problems occurred to some users as well. Namely, one user on Microsoft’s forums was unable to restart his computer normally after he installed the latest build. “Since installing the latest build when I try to restart the PC just continuously says restarting. Previous builds didn’t have this problem.” Once again, we recommend checking our article about restarting problems in Windows 10 for possible solution.
  • The settings app also seems to be broken for some users in build 14295. A couple of users wrote on Microsoft Community forums that the Settings app crashes when they try to perform certain actions. “When I follow ;”settings>system>applications” my pc restarting. Why?” We have a possible (although not certain) solution for this in our article about issues with the Setting app.
  • The new build didn’t cause issues on PCs and laptops only: there are also reported issues on Windows 10 Mobile devices, as well. One user said that he was unable to download the Canada speech pack on his Lumia 640XL. Luckily, this is the only reported problem related to Windows 10 Mobile we found, so we feel pretty confident in saying that build 14295 isn’t as troublesome on Windows 10 Mobile 10 mobile build 14295 problem
  • We haven’t had reports about sound issues in Windows 10 Preview in a long time, but build 14295 took care for that. Pne user reported on the Microsoft Community forums that he can’t hear any sound on Hyper-V VM running on his Surface 2 Pro. Unfortunately, this problem also remained an unsolved mystery for other users on the forum.
  • Problems with sfc/scannow command in the Command Prompt were present for quite some time in Windows 10 Preview, starting from build 14279. And for one user on the forums, Microsoft still hasn’t managed to solve the problem. Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution for this problem either, so we’re afraid that users encountering this issue would have to wait for Microsoft to fix it in the coming 10 mobile 14295 problems

Ultimately, build 14295 is as troublesome as the previous one which isn’t a big surprise since there’s just a few days difference between two builds. But the interesting thing here is that the issues are different in both builds. However, it wouldn’t hurt if Microsoft were to start delivering builds with a lower number of issues in the future because this forces some users to roll back or even opt out from the Insider program altogether.

If you’ve encountered any problem not listed here, please let us know in the comments and we’ll update the article accordingly!

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My PC Windows 10 Build 10586 was working fine without a hitch.But after installing Build 14295 several issues cropped up. My favourite Windows 7 games (downloaded for Windows 10) altogether refused to work. The pointer sometimes froze. File transfer became much slower. Windows old file after installing the new Build could not be deleted consuming precious disk space needlessly. So I was forced to a clean reinstall the previous Build. Now I am back with Build 10586 and everything is back to normal. This experience taught me a good lesson : get out of the insiders ring unless one knows the risk involved. No more previews for me. Some few security updates will do for me as long as I can play windows games like Chess, Spider Solitaire et al and without freezing in the middle of my work. Otherwise Windows 10 is better than any other previous versions of PC Windows. What I like about it the most is its speed and smooth functioning.

For the last two builds, the screen flickers whenever focus switches from just about anything to an Explorer window. Oh, and right click doesn’t work if I don’t switch focus to the desktop every 5 minutes or so. I can’t say this OS has improved one time for me since its launch.

Installed 14295 on a MacBook Air VMware computer w/o any obvious issues.
Installed 14295 on my HPDV7T Pavilion notebook and have a serious problem with Control Panel. I can start Control Panel – but it will self-close within a few seconds. Even if I quickly try to click on an option inside Control Panel, it simply closes. I had an Acronis image backup of the Pavilion notebook a day prior to the 14295 update, so I rolled it back to the prior Windows 10 and it checked okay. I then installed the 14295 a second time and the problem with Control Panel returned. I have since reverted to the prior version of Windows 10 and set the updates to DEFER for the time being. Maybe I’ll try the next version – but in reality this is getting very disappointing.

half of my apps cannot be launched anymore (MS apps, like Office’s, and others) since today 02-Apr. Reinstallation (without unstalling) through the marketplace to repare them cannot resolve the issues !

Too bad… is there a solution?

I uninstalled and then reinstalled office apps, that worked, but I don’t want to do that for the other apps: to avoid lengthy resetting or loosing history…

half of my apps cannot be launched anymore (MS apps, like Office’s, and others) since today 02-Apr. Reinstallation (without unstalling) through the marketplace to repare them cannot resolve the issues !
Too bad… is there a solution?
I uninstalled and then reinstalled office apps, that worked, but I don’t want to do that for the other apps: to avoid lengthy resetting or loosing history…

After updating to 14295 I go to windows update and the get insider preview is borked. A “Fix Me” button appears. and no matter what I do, re login on my MS account it will now show me on the any of the preview build rings. Doubled checked my status of my Live account and all was good there. This is getting bad.

i have the same problem. And i don’t know how to solve it. Can anyone help me, please? 🙁

After updating to 14295, my Microsoft account is inaccessible. Windows and Xbox services are completely unusable. The “Choose an account” window is blank.

hysterical that there is only “one” user who cannot download language packs on phone, the truth is that noone can, and only one guy bothered to report it as thats pretty much par for course for any new phone build.

“Oh no! The fast ring build is minding its own business being a fast ring build!”
That’s basically this article here. 😛

I don’t know what is going on.. but both builds ’91 and ’95 WILL NOT boot.. either for installation, or to a created bootable USB. I have tried everything to fix… Now thinking that my MBR/GPT is corrupt, but I know it isn’t. The ’71 ISO can boot up just fine when created via Rufus. The insider program mentioned the hibernation / powering down / rebooting issue, but they have not re-addressed it. Come on! Lets go!

I really don’t understand why anyone bothers with windows 10…
Everyday there’s another list of things going wrong, or needing fixing or doing this or that…
I use it on my tablet, and it has issues…
All my Windows 7 machines still run great with no problems…

Of course you will see people having issues when you’re reading about preview builds (which is what this article you’re commenting on does). It’s expected. No one have ever claimed anything else… “Oh no.. this alpha/beta-build has bugs…” … Duh!