Windows 10 Mobile build 15222 doesn’t bring any new features, just some fixes

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Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 10 Mobile build. As expected, build 15222 doesn’t bring any new features but only a series of bug fixes that address Whatsapp launch issues, some Cortana bugs, and some notification issues. It also includes all the improvements from KB4016871 and KB4020102.

If you installed Windows 10 Mobile build 15222, keep in mind that in some cases, the WeChat app may crash on launch.

Here are the complete patch notes for build 15222:

  • The copyright date is correctly showing 2017 now under Settings > System > About.
  • Fixed an issue where WhatsApp would not launch after updating to the latest Mobile builds.
  • Fixed an issue with using the Japanese 12 Key soft keyboard where the “right arrow” key did not input a space
  • Fixed an issue with the Bulgarian keyboard localization for the HP Lap Dock in Continuum.
  • We have further improved the reliability of notifications for apps with a paired Bluetooth device, such as Fitbit.
  • Improved the Time & Language settings page UX for Speech and Keyboard language downloads. Previously, the status would show “Downloading” for speech and “Installing” for keyboard. Unless, the user tapped on the language or navigated to the Update & Security settings page, there was no indication that a restart is required to complete the installation. Now when the update reaches the reboot pending state, a “Restart Required” is displayed under the language.
  • Fixed several enterprise device management issues.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications and Cortana’s cross-devices settings on your device were not being mirrored to your PC.

Windows 10 Mobile build 15222 also brings issues of its own, including Insiders reporrting that their phones constantly lag and restart after installing this build.

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Sometimes when using the camera, the camera will close and then the phone will randomly restart several seconds later.

Have you encountered any issues after installing Windows 10 Mobile build 15222?



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