Latest Windows 10 Build Causes System Slow Down and Frequent Reboots for Many

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We’re back at it, reporting the latest problems encountered by Windows 10 users from all over the world. This time we’re going to talk about a problem that has been flagged by many – the frequent reboots and slow down of the machines where Windows 10 has been installed.
windows 10 slow lag reboot
Eager to try out Windows 10? You probably grabbed that old, dusted laptop and installed the preview on it. But after getting the latest build, you’re suspecting it to have slowed down even more your PC or laptop? Well, you’re not the only one experiencing this problem, of course.

Here’s a fresh report coming from an early Windows 10 adopter:

I have been using this a while back on my work station (testing) and my home PC. Understandably there have been bugs, but overall I love the desktop experience of W10. However, after each one of these upgrades I have serious issues. Basically, it removes my antivirus after the upgrade, and I need to re-install. It also breaks the Catalyst drivers which also need to be re-installed. Now my new problem after a few hours of running the new version:
– Very slow to boot, taking 2-3 minutes
– When logging in desktop takes 30s to 1 minutes to show.
– Cannot do anything for up to 2 minutes after log in, including accessing the start menu. Just doesn’t respond.
– Catalyst driver force closes, eventually after the system grinds to a halt
– Chrome doesn’t launch at first, force closes a lot
– New Cortana is so slow even to show the dialogue, and often just presents me with ‘no results’
I know this is a beta, but this is very worrying that it has produced an unusable box.
I’ll try a clean install from an ISO tomorrow, see if it is any better.

As we can see, he manages to sum up quite a lot of problems, such as the following:

  • Slow boot
  • Slow showing of the desktop
  • Can’t access the start menu
  • Catalyst driver problems
  • Chrome issues
  • Cortana is slow

The same user replied back, saying he has managed to solve some of the problems:

The general performance and slow downs have been fixed. I completely stripped off my anti-virus and the Catalyst drivers. Reboot, then a fresh install of AVG and the latest Catalyst Beta drivers. Now no more slow downs grinding it to a halt. Though it definitely doesn’t perform as well as the previous developer preview.  However, the amazingly long boot and login still exist, cortana is still broken, the color scheme keeps resetting to a dark gray, start menu is just a complete mess and ten steps back….

Is your fresh Windows 10 behaving as ‘naughty’ as with this user’s? Do leave your comment below and let us debate together and try to find solutions, if there are.

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