6 best Windows 10/11 diary apps to use today

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Keeping a diary is a very interesting activity allowing you to mark important moments of your life.

There are various reasons why people keep diaries: for therapeutic purposes, to see how their personality evolves in time, as a support for introspection, or to simply vent out after emotional intense events.

Since we live in a digital world, you can also keep digital diaries. There are plenty of diary apps you can choose from, depending on your needs.

The good news is that you don’t have to search all over the Internet to find the right diary app. We’re going to list the 6 best Windows 10 diary apps in this article. Read the description and install the app that best suits your needs.

What are the best diary apps for Windows 10?

Bloom Diary

Bloom Diary Windows 10 app

Bloom Diary allows you to record life as you live it. Write down once-in-a-lifetime events and everyday moments, and capture all your experiences, thoughts, activities and ideas.

Thanks to the elegant interface of this app, writing down in your diary will be a very pleasant experience.

The app editor offers various text formatting options. Bloom Diary presents your entries as chapters in a book and you can quickly switch between different chapters.

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You can fully personalize your entries by adding location details to your entries and photos.

You can organize your entries in different books and search them by any keyword in the title. You can also keep your journal private by adding a password.

In case anything goes wrong, you can export entries as MS Word Documents or HTML files and restore your diary later. Also, the built-in Recycle-Bin lets you restore deleted entries.

You can download Bloom Diary for free from the Microsoft Store.

Story of My Life

Story of My Life windows 10 diary app

Story of My Life Diary allows you to keep a record of all the noteworthy events in your life. Write your memoirs daily, monthly or yearly and record what’s important in your life.

You can also add photos and memorabilia, or capture the moment on video.

You can always search the entries, if you want to remember about a particular event. The app also supports to do tasks, so that you never miss important events.

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Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe a place you’d like to visit? Bucket lists are supported as well as in-app purchases, just write down your wishes and strive to strike them through as soon as possible.

You can backup your entries to OneDrive, portable devices and local storage, and the easily restore your diary in case anything goes wrong. You can personalize your diary and change the theme and font.

Users simply love Story of My Life: “There’s nothing NOT to like!! […] I can adjust the dates, track my stories, pictures and media can be added. I can have a “song of the day” or a special image or … whatever I want. I can enter multiple stories on the same day. The BUCKET LIST… Did I tell you about the Bucket List? It’s so awesome! There’s much to explore still, but I have been using this app for about 3 years now and I truly LOVE getting to keep all my thoughts in one place.”

You can download Story of My Life for free from the Microsoft Store. The app itself is free, but in-app purchases are available to enhance the user experience.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary Windows 10 diary app

Dear Diary is a virtual diary that feels almost like a real diary. The pages automatically get updated based on the current date. Let inspiration take over and write down your thoughts and ideas, accompanied by soft music in the background.

Of course, if you prefer to write in silence, you can always turn off the music.

This diary never gets finished off nor do its pages. Protect it with a password, so that all your entries remain private. As a quick tip, choose your password carefully because there is no password recovery system available.

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It is worth mentioning that you can’t change the font and size. However, we think that the cursive font matches perfectly the other design elements of the app.

You can download Dear Diary for free from the Microsoft Store.

Dream Diary

Dream Diary Windows 10 diary app

Dream Diary is a special kind of diary allowing you to write down – yes, you guessed it – your dreams. If you want to save your dreams, this is the perfect tool for you.

Thanks to Dream Diary, you’ll have all your dreams in one place. Keep your diary close to your bed and write immediately after waking up.

Recording dreams allows you to analyze or interpret them easier, and you can also use this technique for lucid dreaming. Dream Diary is the right tool for all the dream interpretation fans.

You can always add a new dream, edit the one from last light in the case you remember some interesting details or remove dreams. As a bonus, you can also share your dreams with friends.

Dream Diary also displays interesting facts about sleeping at the bottom of the entry page. We really liked this trivia feature of the app.

The only disadvantage of this app is lack of password protection, but as long as you hide it well, and there’s no one else who has access to your computer, your dreams should be safe.

You can download Dream Diary for free from the Microsoft Store.

Digital Diary

Digital Diary Windows 10 diary app

Turn your life experience into digital entries with this diary app. All you need to do is select a day and start writing. You can also add images and events, and use color codes to easily identify them.

Pages have a clean, artistic look that will help you get your inspiration for writing. If you don’t feel like writing, you can use the narration mode and record an audio diary entry.

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Password protection is supported. However, there are a bit too many ads on this app, which can sometimes get very annoying. Also, previous entries cannot be deleted, but hopefully this feature will be supported in a future update.

You can download Digital Diary for free from the Microsoft Store.

Emotion Tile

Emotion Tile windows 10 diary app

Some people use diaries for a sole purpose: to vent out. We found a diary app that allows you to do just that: Emotion Tile.

Although you may sometimes not understand your stress or negative emotions, just writing about them can help. Simply write about your emotions, and chances are you’ll feel better.

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Don’t censor yourself, just write everything that comes to you. Use funny, sad, angry, silly, or offensive words – these are your emotions. Choose the face that represents best your mood and start writing. Become your own therapist.

You can download Emotion Tile for free from the Microsoft Store.

There you go, we hope this list helped to decide which Windows 10 diary app to install.

As always, choose the app that best suits your needs: if you want a basic, easy to use app, then select Emotion Tile; if you’re looking for a more complex diary app, then install Story of My Life.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.


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