DailyDiary is a great digital diary app for Windows 10 and Mobile

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One of the most powerful things anyone can do to improve their lives is to develop habits. What helps create habits is documenting your day. Now, there’s a perfect app exactly for that. The app is called DailyDairy and with it, all of your memories can be stored in a single place.

The app, available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, brings with it the option to save memories to OneDrive. If you have to reinstall the app, everything can be brought back from OneDrive to the app itself, so no matter where you are or the type of device being used, your memories will always be available.

The app is simple and straight to the point, something most apps are lacking these days. The app operates in a calendar view and along the bottom are a series of control buttons to get things done. If the user adds a diary entry on a particular date, that day will be highlighted.

Users can download DailyDiary and sign up using a free trial, but after a few days they’ll need to pay a one-time payment of $4.99.

If you find yourself in a position where it is not possible to type into DailyDiary, there’s a dictate button you can use. Just press it and leave an audio message in the app, it too will be uploaded to OneDrive for storage.

Here’s a list of its complete features:

  • Feature-rich diary client for Windows 10 Mobile and Desktop
  • Daily notifications remind you to write down your memories
  • Attach pictures, audio recordings, tags, ratings or locations to your diary entries
  • full integration into system calendar
  • automatic integration of your Twitter tweets
  • Optional password protection of your diary
  • OneDrive sync
  • Backup your diary with importing & exporting the database

Overall, we have to say DailyDiary is a capable digital diary for folks who enjoy jotting down their daily happenings for positive life improvements.

Want to download DailyDiary? Get it from the Windows Store.



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