Windows 10/11 error: Event ID 455 Esent [Fixed for good]

by Tashreef Shareef
Tashreef Shareef
Tashreef Shareef
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  • The Esent Event ID 455 in Windows 10 can result in freezing and crashing issues.
  • This error usually occurs due to missing directories that are required by Windows 10 to create log files.
  • The Windows 10 error Event ID 455 Esent issue can be resolved efficiently by using the Command line.
  • Make sure to check the reliability history and the Event Viewer to diagnose the issue.
esent error

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The Esent Event ID 455 has reportedly been appearing in the Event Viewer for many users on Windows 10. The error seems to be frequently occurring after updating to the latest version of Windows 10.

The error can trigger several computer issues, including freezing when playing CPU and GPU intensive tasks like games. At times, it may also lead to loud noise blasting through the speakers.

What is an Esent error?

When an issue occurs, Windows saves error details in logs to help the user identify issues if required.

The main reason behind the Esent error also seems to be due to a missing log EDB.log file located at:

svchost (2844, R, 98) TILEREPOSITORYS-1-5-18: Error -1023 (0xfffffc01) when opening log file C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ config \ systemprofile \ AppData \ Local \ TileDataLayer \ Database \ EDB.log

If you are also troubled by this error, here is how to fix the Windows 10 error Event ID 455 Esent for good.

How can I fix the Event ID 455 Esent error?

1. Create missing folders

windows 10 error event id 455
  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the following location:
  2. Alternatively, press Windows key + R and paste the above path in the Run dialog box, and hit enter to navigate.
  3. Once in the folder, right-click on any empty place and select New, and click on Folder.
  4. Rename the folder as TileDataLayer (if the folder already exists, move to the next step).
  5. Open the TileDataLayer folder, and create a new folder named Database.

Leave the newly created folder for a few minutes. Upon opening the folder, you will see the EDB.log file and other log files now exist in the folder.

This should also fix the Esent Event ID 455 error message in Event Viewer. If the issue persists, restart your computer and try again to see if the error or freezing problems are resolved.

Create required folders using Command Prompt 

windows 10 error event id 455
  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type cmd.
  2. Right-click on Command Prompt from the search results and select Run as Administrator.
  3. Type the following command one by one and hit enter to execute:
    cd config\systemprofile\AppData\Local
    mkdir TileDataLayer
    cd TileDataLayer
    mkdir Database
  4. The above command will create a folder named TileDatalayer and then another folder named Database.
  5. Close the Command Prompt window and check if the error is resolved.

In most cases, the Event ID 455 not always leads to errors and does not affect the normal Windows operations. However, in rare instances, it may lead to system freezing and crashing problems.

To fix the error, all you need to do is create a few missing directories allowing Windows to create and save the EDB.log files.

If the issue persists, begin by checking the reliability history and then move to the Event Viewer to diagnose the issue.

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