Windows 10 Game Mode to boost gaming experience with extra GPU cycles

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Gamers have seen a complete shift in priorities coming from Microsoft since its transition from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. If Windows 8 and 8.1 offered slim to no attention towards gaming, Windows 10 completely embraces it and includes all kinds of features that make playing video games on Microsoft’s latest OS a much more enjoyable experience.

Game Mode will speed things up and help slower PCs play

The Creators Update is said to bring even more enhancements to this spectrum of computing through the Game Mode feature. When activated, a computer will start dedicating more of its resources to the game that’s running. This will, in consequence, improve the performance of that game by a quite a bit. While it won’t make 10-year-old machines run the latest games, it will sure bring about a small boost in FPS that can be critical for those barely on the verge of being able to play decently.

Variables will modify the feature’s impact

There are several factors that go into this equation and there is no simple outcome such as “your PC will enjoy a performance increase of X %” The results are particular to each PC configuration, so users will have to test it out and see how much of a help Game Mode actually provides.

GPUs will also get a boost with Game Mode, not just the CPU. The GPU will receive more cycles for games and will also be able to retain more game related information on its memory. These will help make the gaming experience less of a graphical burden for the computer and give the GPU some new tools to work with.

By using Game Mode, those passionate about video games can unlock just the right amount of power for their systems so that a flashy new game that just came out can be played on their not-so-state-of-the-art machine. Game Mode is just one of the great new features that will come to Windows 10 once the Creators Update is released.



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