Best Windows invoice software [2020 Guide]

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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  • Running a business encompasses many financial functions, and invoicing tops the list.
  • Invoice Machine Just as the name suggests, Invoice Machine aims at producing professionally designed invoices with the best set of options such as currency, taxes, invoice notes, discounts, shipping and more.
  • It allows you to create new invoices in a snap, see which invoices have been sent, paid and due, as well as filter your invoices by status, client, or period.

Running a business encompasses many financial functions, and invoicing tops the list. You will require a reliable way to handle all the transactions, keep track of customers, professionally manage the invoices, and make payments on time. Instead of outsourcing or hiring a professional accountant, you can manage these functions with a reliable invoice software.

Keeping track of your finances is very important as finances determine the future of your business. Producing professional and timely invoices for your clients not only upholds professionalism but also impacts a positive impression.

The best invoice software provides a single platform in which you can create and send invoices, track payments, and manage customer accounts. They offer advanced invoicing features such as payment processing, batch processing, and customer’s portals. If you are looking for features beyond invoicing, you can check our article on the best accounting and Finance software. In this article, we will discuss the best invoice software for Windows 10.

Best Billing and Invoice Software for Windows 10

1. Freshbooks (recommended)


Freshbooks is not only the best finance and accounting software but also offers the best billing and invoicing features. Its mobile app has a clean blue and white interface with a convenient tap to access all the invoicing and time-tracking features. The Freshbooks system constantly monitors the status of your invoices once you send them. It notifies you when the client receives and views the invoice. It also comes with a customer portal that allows your clients to review their accounts and pay bills.

On the dashboard, you will find all the invoice reports such as paid and unpaid for a certain period of time. You can also view the invoices reports that show the amount that has not been paid for 30, 60, 90 days or more. The invoices are highly customizable, allowing you to add tasks, rates, items, and time including the cost per item or service. The invoice templates look nice and professional and have space where you can add your logo.

2. QuickBooks Self-Employed (suggested)

invoicing software quickbooks self-employed
This software is great for all type of small businesses, online activities, and entrepreneurs. It offers you an intuitive and easy-to-use navigation system that will help you perform the needed tasks. This tool works on Windows, Android, MAC and iOS so you can operate from all your devices.

Invoicing with QuickBooks Self-Employed is easy, with lots of customizable options. You can create and send PDF invoices even from your mobile, not only your PC. You can also enable online payments option thus getting paid faster after sending an invoice. We strongly recommend this tool for those who work from different locations and have several invoices to customize and send.

3. My Company Invoice Software (suggested)

bmssensus invoice softwareBMSSensus Invoice Software is a great tool to have a full insight of your business. You will have PDF and video tutorials for its functionalities and you will start to create invoices easily (you can even put your company logo on them).

My Company Invoice Software has a bunch of useful features in it. In order to implement new ideas in your business plans, the software allows you to gather analytical data about customers, stores, expenses, currencies, warehouses and more.

To manage all that information, the software gives you a wide range of documents: invoices, pro-forma invoices, incoming invoices, receipts, foreign invoices, etc.

4. IRISmart Invoice

IRISmart Invoice is one of those types of software that can be considered very well-rounded, in the sense that it caters to both professionals and amateurs alike.

Creating invoices has never been simpler, as the provided form templates look extremely professional, greatly simplifying the creative process for freelancers.

As for managers and those that receive the invoices, IRISmart Invoice comes with some special tools as well.

For example, the program gives them a direct, summary view into all of their incoming invoices, which are then classified, commented on, categorized, and even pre-posted

All in all, it streamlines both the creation and receiving and processes of invoices, making it a valuable tool when time and efficiency are two very important resources.

Key features:

  • Invoice classification
  • Invoice encoding
  • Expense management
  • Account charting
  • Cloud support
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Creates indexed and compressed PDFs

Download IRISmart Invoice

5. Zoho

best invoice software - Zoho

Zoho accounting offers one of the best billing and invoicing system that is clean and easy to use. The dashboard displays graphical reports that show unpaid and overdue invoices, sales and expenses, and other billing information. This online system allows you to manage your customers and invoices in an easy to use platform that is accessible from your PC as well as on mobile devices. As you create the invoice, you can either select a customer from the contact list or add a new one. The same applies to items as you can adjust the descriptions and prices without affecting the originally saved information.

Zoho also comes with a private customer’s portal where your customers can view their transactions and invoices as well as update their account information. You can link customer’s accounts to payments methods of their choice including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net among others. The invoicing system allows you to send up to 3 reminders at set dates either before or after the due date. This is a great feature to use especially when a customer defaults in paying. Zoho also generates reports about payments, taxes, timesheets etc.