KB3199986 brings a slew of issues: install fails, audio bugs and more

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Microsoft recently pushed three Windows 10 updates: KB3197954, KB3199986 and KB3190507. The first update, KB3197954 is actually a cumulative update that brings a series of useful fixes and improvements, as well as issues of its own, the second update, KB3199986 is a servicing stack update, while the content of the third update, KB3190507 still remains unknown.

Update KB3199986 brings stability improvements for the Windows 10 Version 1607 servicing stack. One particular characteristic of this update is that there is no uninstall option available, which means that once users install KB3199986, they’re stuck with it.

Windows 10 KB3199986 reported issues

Keyboard is unresponsive

Many users complain they can’t use their keyboards after installing KB3199986. Actually, it appears this update messes up all the USB peripherals. There is no clear solution to fix this bug, but one user suggests that removing all USB peripherals, uninstalling them and then connecting one USB peripheral at a time eventually solves the problem. However, some users need to perform these actions several times.

I got the keyboard working by trying several times. It is a K360 logitech wireless keyboard. I uninstalled it multiple times and eventually it began to work. But it still left two USB items in device manager with exclamation points. At least I was able to type again. Next I removed my VIA USB 2.0 USB to IDE card in the PC. This removed the other exclamation points.  To get rid of the last two exclamation points I uninstalled these two items multiple times. At one point one installed properly, and eventually the other did too.

Audio bugs

Update KB3199986 also causes audio issues. Many Windows 10 users report their devices cannot produce any audio output after installing this update.

No audio on HP Elitebook 840 G3 with Conexant SmartAudio HD after Oct 27, 2016 update (KB3199986)
I spent all day yesterday with a tech troubleshooting this issue, but nada. The ultimate recommendation from several parties was that I just need to wait until MS, HP, and/or Conexant to pushes a fix, and considering the amount of users affected, it should come soon. […]
Again, we seriously and systematically did everything we could find or think of […] Nothing fixes it. And unlike most updates, KB3199986 cannot be uninstalled.

The taskbar disappears, windows won’t minimize or maximize

Windows 10 users complain that after installing KB3199986, the taskbar strangely disappears. Also, windows are unresponsive and won’t minimize nor maximize.

After the update Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3199986), I do not have a task bar anymore (only the tablet mode one) and I cannot minimize or maximize my windows (I do see the icons, but if I click on them, nothing happens). Also, I cannot find my desktop. If I move screens, nothing happens, and if I click windows+m nothing happens.

Bluetooth connection doesn’t work

One user reports that update KB3199986 blocks any Internet connection via Bluetooth. He confirms he had no Bluetooth issues before installing the update.

After upgrade to KB3199986 28. October I cant connect Windows 10 PC to Internet via Blue-tooth and Android phone (Galaxy S7). I only get the opportunity to “Direct connection”. It works ok before this upgrade.

Context menu takes 4 seconds to appear

Windows 10 users also report update KB3199986 affects the context menu. More specifically, it takes about 4 seconds for the content menu to appear and show the options available.

I have a note book – HP signature edition which runs on windows 10 .but after recent updates when ever I right click for options , it takes more than 4 seconds to show the options on every desktop app. so ,it has been like using a very slow pc for that one thing! So, please fix this issue

As you can see, update KB3199986 brings many annoying issues of its own, but Microsoft has yet to issue any comment on the bugs caused by this update.

Have you installed KB3199986 on your Windows 10 computer? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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The first big W10/64 Pro Update rerouted the graphic output of my laptop from internal display to the VGA-port. Background light went on, but no picture on the internal display. Took me quite a while to find out what the prblem was, and only after dismantling my laptop and taking out the harddisk I realized that he would display POST messages when the harddisk was not in, and the harddisk was accessible on another computer. It was more by accident that I discoverd there was a picture output on the VGA port. Intel driver update told me W10/64 had installed a dated driver. Updated via Intel -> Image back on, machine working. Until the next Windows update…. The last update KB 3199986 now ruined the graphic output beyond the point where the update via Intel helps. Windows 10 factually killed my laptop.

KB3199986 Update automatically installed on my laptop, now I am unable to connect to the internet. Tried many things but it continues. Wondering if I should perform a ‘reset’?

Also noticed there was no recovery point made prior to the automated update. In fact all previous recovery points are gone.

Any suggestions?

I believe that after installing the update, my computer now has an incredible obnoxious audio popping issue. Have tried dozens of things to fix it and there is no option to uninstall the update in the View Installed Updates section of the Control Panel 🙁

After installing the update my start menu stopped working along with the notification bar. Also none of the native win 10 apps(photos, movies&tv, groove music,…)are not working. But the icons in the bottom menu bar is working it is just the notification and notification bar that is not working.

This is my problem with KB3199986… hp 5740 printer connected with wifi is hanging waiting for the spool queue release, if connected with usb is working properly; the same occours with another laptop with the same KB. Under Linux everything is ok. No way to fix the issue (re-install and so on).

This is my problem with KB3199986… When i click start menu it’s no have effect anything [i mean it’s really freeze and i try end task explorer.exe or log out and log in again but it’s nothing] and microsoft edge close itself [stuck in edge logo and close] when i try open again and close close again..

I try many different solved for this problem:
1. Run sfc /scannow , had no effect
2. Scan registry error with Regclen Pro, hey i got many error registry and fix but no effect
3. Last, i try DISM but no effects T_T