KB4517245 is causing installation problems and errors for many

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Windows 10 v1909 Build 18363.329 error

Microsoft is testing their throttled delivery approach for some time.

This means that the tech giant releases two build at once, one with the new features turned ON by default and the other one with the features turned OFF.

This is a great way of testing the reliability of a certain build, but sometimes it can create confusion and problems for Slow and Fast ring Insiders.

Windows 10 Build 18363.329 has installation errors

A great example is Windows 10 v1909 Build 18363.329 (KB4517245).

Some users reported that after installing Build 18363.329, they encountered the Device is missing important quality and security fixes error message.

It seems like the error message is triggered because the system installs the non-security build:

still believes it is 18362.239, and not 18363.329!

The usual solution don’t work. Here’s how one user describes the experience:

Used DISM to clean things up before I tried this upgrade and SFC, rebooted, cleaned out the Software Dist Download folder, except for Shared Cache, reset updates. No joy. What’s strange is that when I run “updates” it grabs 2941 won’t install, same error, then asks if I want a “feature” update which I accept then the error message as above.

How can I fix Device is missing important quality and security fixes error?

As Microsoft already stated, these updates are not yet feature complete. This could be why the problem appears on some systems, but on others doesn’t.

If you’re facing the same problem, you could try to uninstall KB4517245 Enablement Package to bring you back to v1903 and restart your PC.

Check for updates to install the security patch, and finally check for updates again to install 1909 Enablement Package on your Release Preview Ring build.

Microsoft hasn’t released an official fix yet, but you could try the above mentioned solution as it worked for some Windows 10 users and it might work for you too.

If you have similar issues with Windows 10 v1909 Build 18363.329, please share your experience in the comments section below.

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