Find Lost, Stolen Windows 10 Laptops with ‘Find my Device’ Feature

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The most recent Windows 10 1511 version, also known as Threshold 2, has recently been released and is also known as Windows 10 Build 10558. It brings a lot of great new features, and issues, as well, and one of the most useful new features is “Find my Device”.

One of the best features of Threshold 2 is ‘Find my device’; and as the name suggests, it allows you to see your system’s last known location. However, in order to be able to use it, you need to enable it by going to Settings > Update & Security > Find My Device. Here’s a short video to make it easier for you to understand:

If after deploying the Windows 10 November update the feature doesn’t work, make sure that you have the required Bluetooth drivers. Thus, by using this new feature, if it happens for you to lose your Windows 10 laptop or other device, then you will be able to track down the last known location, thus helping you recover it.

Another great new feature for travelers that Microsoft has introduced in the latest version of Windows 10 is the automatic time zone switching. You can easily turn it on by going to Settings>Time & Language>Set Time Zone Automatically.

‘Find my device’ helps recover lost or stolen Windows 10 laptops

The new ‘Find my Device’ feature will be of great use especially to owners of Windows 10 laptops who have lost them. Previously, they had to resort to all sorts of third-party software for this quite basic feature, and now they can make use of it directly inside the system.

Mobile users will find this new feature very familiar, as it is pretty much present in all the mobile operating systems. You also should be aware that the new Find my device option is available only in Windows 10 portable devices, so you shouldn’t believe it’s actually “Find My Phone” that’s already available for Windows Phone owners.

The new feature is linked to your Microsoft Account so you can sign-in on the web from another device if you lose your laptop or, worse yet, if it gets stolen. I am not sure at the moment, but I guess this new feature will work for hybrid devices, as well.

I hope you never lose your Windows 10 laptop or that it gets stolen, but if that happens, make sure you get yourself acquainted with the new ‘Find my Device’ feature in Windows 10 to be prepared for the worst.


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