Windows 10 users complain about fast draining phone battery with latest build

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Insiders can now install the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14342 and test out some new improvements. As usual, the latest build brings both advantages and disadvantages. Such is the case with the latest Mobile build, with users now complaining about fast battery drain after install.

Microsoft has made public its known issues list for this build but has not yet included an issue more and more users have been complaining about: fast battery drain.

Lumia 1520 Build 14342. Need to charge the battery twice in 24h

The battery last only few hours.

Any tips to solve this problem?

Another user confirms:

I’ve had this since overnight when my phone updated to 10.0.14342.1001

Just as you describe, without any use (or apps open) my 930 is going from 100% charge to 0% in about 4 hours. I’ve had it charging for several hours now and it’s only up to 19%. It also seems that if you actually use the phone whilst its charging that the % doesn’t increase at all!

The phone is too warm to leave in my pants pocket 🙂

I’m hoping that someone has an idea of what is causing this, cause otherwise I’m going to have to use the reset tool.

So far, Microsoft has not issued any official statement or update acknowledging this unusual battery drain.

Yeah – I have a Lumia 930 with the same issue. No tips to solve it yet…. I hope someone will find something because with the 930 I only get about 4 hours battery when not even using the phone!

This is not the first time a build causes battery issues. Back in January, Windows phone owners complained about charging issues and fast battery drain after having installed the build, implying that Microsoft rushed the build release.

Perhaps the battery drain issue in the current build is due to the install problems many users reported. More specifically, the Windows logo freezes on the screen for minutes on end as if the build install stopped. (In actuality, it continues in the background, with the only solution being to simply wait about 40 minutes to allow the device to finish the install.)

Meanwhile, we suggest you try the following workarounds to extend your phone’s battery life:

  • Adjust screen brightness
  • Turn off your display after some time of inactivity
  • Activate battery saver when battery is low.


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If you have fast battery drain, random reboot and overheating problem with any Windows phone devices this not related to Windows 10 Mobile or any build. This is just because most of the Windows Phone devices are older than a year or two so the battery is expired.
Replacing the battery will fix fast battery drain, random reboot and overheating problem of Windows Phone. I had same problem, I replaced mine now I don’t have any problem. I highly recommend you to replace your battery if you have same problem ?

Am having same problem like you guys. Hope they fix this ASAP, Else am gonna a ditch this phone. It’s almost a crap!

W.W , Disappointed Australian Lumia 930 Owner whom Upgraded to Win10.

What a mistake upgrading to windows 10….Paste any of the comments below into this Window,
The story is the same… I’m with you J.R, totally ! Having heaps of Boot Problems with my Desktop Win7 to Win10 too. If they want us to go to Mac’s and Android Phones there certainly going the right way about it. Hmmm

I’m getting so sick of all the necessary updates for the Microsoft Lumia Windows 10 phone! OMG – first it’s the massive battery drain, fixes screw up camera options, more battery drain, more needed updates that use up plan space. I’m beginning to think that some times things are just better left alone. I needed to switch from the Windows 7 Lumia because it wasn’t being supported and am thinking I should have just went to Windows 8. Haven’t heard many complaints but then again, who even has a Windows phone any more? What a life-sucker! Wish someone could please do something to make it a more meaningful experience – or WHY DO IT?!?! The money I’m paying is definitely n-o-t w-o-r-t-h i-t. Have already had to have AT&T “wipe it out” and start over because the battery drain update wouldn’t work, and the phone wasn’t even 6 months old! I’m so over this and so terribly disappointed because I expected more from Microsoft. There’s definitely something wrong somewhere and my time, efforts, plan rate $, etc. is valuable too. Maybe I should start charging someone on that end for all this grief!? We as loyal customers deserve a break and I can only pray at this point that I don’t need to spend the next 2 years paying on this phone with the same broken-record, never-ending story. If it were a car the lemon law would have kicked in.

Just downgraded my Lumia 640 AT&T Gophone to WP10 last night. Battery life has taken a huge hit and Charging is slower/less efficient too. Do not like how my email accounts are organized vs with 8.1. Have already downloaded the Windows Device Recovery Tool so I can revert back to WP8.1.

this battery drainage problem is still not fixed by microsoft ive been on windows forums and microsoft is still not forthcoming with a fix i now have to carry a battery charger they have suggested you reboot update the latest version which is automatic on my phone but still the problem is not fixed it only happened after i upgraded to win 10 very disappointing it renders a great phone useless
you take about 5 pics and zap the battery is gone like a short circuit

I have the 1520 and I am having to charge it 2-3 times per day. Also I have noticed my phone will just shut off at 40% battery life.