Fix: Windows 10 Mobile Error 0x803F8001

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Windows 10 is designed to be one operating system for all of your devices, however it seems that some users are having issues with it. Users report 0x803F8001 error while using the beta Store, and they are unable to download or update apps.

How to fix Windows 10 Mobile Beta Store Error 0x803F8001

According to the users they can’t download updates via beta Store, and this can be a big problem. Some users suggest to perform soft or even a hard reset, but resetting your device doesn’t help, so let’s see what else you can do.

Solution 1 – Update your device

Users report that Microsoft is aware of this issue and that updating Windows 10 on your phone fixes the issue for them. If you can make sure that you download all the updates for Windows 10 and keep it up to date in order to resolve this issue.

Solution 2 – Set the storage for new apps to phone

By default storage for new apps is set to SD card, and for some unknown reason this doesn’t work well with Windows 10. Users have discovered that in order to download new apps from beta Store the best solution is to switch storage for new apps from SD card to your phone.

To do this simply go to Storage section in Settings and set all new apps to be stored on phone’s internal memory. This isn’t the best solution, especially if you download a lot of apps, but it’s a solid workaround.

Solution 3 – Log in to Cortana

Users report that logging in to Cortana helps with login problem with your email, music, or Store, so when asked by Cortana for your name and account make sure that you add it.

As you can see, this is a big problem but we’re certain that Microsoft will fix it in the near future with a new update.


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