The Creators Update for Windows 10 will make its debut in 2017, promising enhancements to Windows 10 geared to more creative users. In the same vein, thanks to a new update Microsoft recently released for the Photos app for Windows 10, users now have more options to spice up their creativity a bit earlier.

That means the next time you open the photo viewing and editing app, a prompt screen will greet you with what has changed with Photos. The most prominent update to the app is the ability to doodle over photos and videos using a touchscreen, stylus, or a computer mouse.

In addition, the Photos app will now create an animation of your drawing process on images and give you the option to share it as a video. You can also draw on a video and see the ink play back at the exact time and place where you put the doodle.

New pen types and filters

The update also adds three pen types and other different colors to let users customize their photos and share them with others. On top of that, there’s a new set of filters if you’ve had enough of the existing ones. Plus, you now have the option to switch from the darker starting theme to a light theme that comes with the update.

Microsoft also streamlined common tasks and editing tools, including the cropping and rotation tools, through a refreshed user interface. You will also find a horizontal navigation bar to help you sift through photos categorized by albums or folders.

As well as Windows 10 PCs, the Photos update is also coming to the Xbox One to let users access media saved in the OneDrive service. Xbox users will also be able to search photos using the console’s controller.

If you’ve got your hands on the updated Photos app, what new features do you like about it? Share your thoughts in the comments.