Best RSS Readers apps for Windows 10 to feed your news hunger

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by Madalina Dinita
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RSS is a great way to keep in the loop of news, because it updates as soon as your favorite news sites update, and you get your news as soon as it is published, but there are hundreds of choices in terms of how you want the feeds to be presented – and that’s where the different RSS readers come in. This list will help you pick the best RSS reader to suit your needs, so you can enjoy your RSS feeds the way you want them.

RSS readers for Desktop

Nextgen Reader (recommended)windows rss readers-nextgen

Nextgen Reader comes with a clean and simple design that lets you keep an eye on your RSS feeds as easily as possible. It comes with an in-line reader, so you won’t get interrupted with those advertisements. It does cost 2$ though.


windows rss readers-rssowl

RSSOwl uses the Java Runtime Framework – so you will need that installed to use it, but it features a simple interface that’s not too flashy and presents you your RSS feeds much like an email client would present emails. It is fairly customizable and lets you change up how and where every panel shows up, giving you the freedom of making it suit your preference rather than forcing a rigid design on you.


windows rss readers-quiterss

QuiteRSS stays true to the name – it focuses on giving you a lot of technical options; while keeping the interface clean and simple, yet prettier than most other clients for the Desktop. It of course has all the features you could ask for including notifications when there is a feed update and the ability to add filters to your feeds.


windows rss readers-rssbandit

RSSBandit stopped development in 2013 – this becomes quite obvious when we get to see the Google Reader sync option, a service that was shutdown in 2013. However, it is still a good reader for what it does. It tries to imitate the look and feel of the Microsoft Office 2012 suite – something that had a quite unique style to it. While it might not still be under active development, it still functions as a good client.

Omea Reader

windows rss readers-omea

Omea Reader attempts to go through that extra mile and deliver something extra to differentiate it from the crowd – it does come with a paid Pro version with some additional features though. The free version has a lot of different features when compared with some of the other clients, such as the ability to subscribe to podcasts and newsgroups – you can even store news clippings, and make your own notes. It also features a powerful search engine with advanced filtering.


windows rss readers-feeddemon

FeedDemon is one of the best RSS clients you could ask for. It features a clean and beautiful interface that is easy to grasp and tonnes of features you can use to manage your RSS feeds. It lets you add your RSS feeds to different groups and add tags to them. It also features a really good search engine that lets you add multiple filters so you can refine your results exactly as you want.


windows rss readers-greatnews

GreatNews is another one of the clients that have been abandoned – but it still works nicely as a client, since RSS hasn’t changed much in years. GreatNews tries to give more focus to the content, by displaying the feeds on a smaller left pane and showing its content in the larger right pane. This is good client if you find the content density is too high in other clients.


windows rss readers-feedreader

Feedreader is one of the very first RSS feed readers made for Windows. Its development started in 2001, and over the years it has accumulated a lot of useful features that other clients have borrowed from it. Even with all the features, the interface is one of the simplest interfaces of any reader in this list.

These were 7 of the best RSS readers available for your WIndows 10 desktop – but you will notice that a lot of these have been abandoned or are very old and look dated. Not to worry though, the next 5 readers are from the Windows 10 App Store, with modern design and still active development.

RSS readers from the App Store

Readiy Pro

windows rss readers-readiy

Readiy Pro is not a standalone RSS reader, but more of a frontend for Feedly. You can directly link it with Feedly and it will sync all of your settings, and RSS feeds from the web service. It costs 2$, but there is a free version available with some features removed.

Fedora Reader

windows rss readers-fedora

Fedora Reader attempts to minimize the amount of UI you have to deal with, and instead tries to put the focus on the content. Many news site’s RSS feeds do not include the full article in their feeds these days, so Fedora actually opens the link and displays it in an elegant format within the app.

Veen Reader

windows rss readers-veen

Veen Reader is also another client that supports Feedly – but at the same time, you can also simply use it locally if you do not want to link it with Feedly. It features an easy to understand interface and a powerful search engine so you can look up for exactly what you want.


windows rss readers-newsflow

Newsflow tries to do something different with how it presents its interface, it features real-time notifications whenever there is an update to your RSS feeds, keyword search, a live tile that shows the latest feeds right on your Start Menu – basically, it makes use of all the advanced features present in Windows 10 and tries to make your experience as best as it could.

These were some of the best RSS readers available on Windows 10, every single one on this list has its own set of features that differentiates it from the other – some are really old while some are very new. RSS is an old protocol, but it still has its place in the minds of its users as the best way to stay up to date with news and content.