Windows 10 Settings gets startup management options and an improved Cortana

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Windows 10 startup settings

The new Windows 10 build 17017 already came with a few new features that will probably make it the first feature update of Windows 10 in 2018, most of which are related to Cortana.

Cortana Collections

One of the new features is called Cortana Collections, a feature limited to EN-US users for now. It provides you the option to make lists with the things you like most. For instance, you can make lists of movies to watch, recipes to keep, items to buy and so on.

Moving all preferences and options to the Settings app

This migration took quite a long time. The opportunity to manage startup apps is a recent addition to Windows 10’s Setting app. You probably remember that Microsoft moved the option to control startup programs from msconfig to the Task Manager when it released Windows 8. Things remained the same in Windows 10, as well.

The brand new Startup option from settings replicates this. In other words, you will get the same list of startup programs from the same autostart locations as you did in the Task Manager.

While you will still have the ability to control startup programs in the Task Manager, it’s not very clear if this option will remain available.

The new management option from Settings can be accessed if you head to Apps – Startup. You will see that every autostart program or app is listed here. Next to it, you will also see a toggle to enable or disable it, and there will also be an indication of the impact doing this has on the system’s startup.

On the other hand, the listing provides a poor quantity of information on each app or program. You will see a name and a company, but you will not see path information. In other words, you will never be 100% sure if the entry is legit or not.


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Excel 2016, send as attachment broken – general mail failure. The same for all 3 laptops that have so far been updated to creator 1709 (build 16299.19)

Windows Defender?
That doesn’t seem to be an option to be removed via MSMG v7.7.
And after installing the Fall update Windows Defender is most definitely installed.
If there is a way to remove Windows Defender, or I missed it somewhere in MSMG I’d appreciate you pointing me in the right direction

I can confirm that there was a very minor improvement following the Fall Creators Update but as suspected it has done little to alleviate the horrific fps drops on Windows 10 Forza Motorsport 7. Anyone running Ivybridge processors are in desperate need of a patch which ONLY YOU CAN DELIVER TURN10! This is the most horribly optimised PC game. In its current state it is simply unplayable. Forza Horizon 3 and Project Cars 2 run like a dream on my rig but this game tanks massively.
My rig is:
Ivybridge i7 3770K overclocked to 4.3gHz, 16GB DDR3 ram 1600mHz, Geforce GTX 980TI Zotac AMP! Extreme, saved on SSD. Running triple screen 5760 x 1200 resolution.
There is absolutely no excuse for this game not to run at 60fps on Ultra.

TURN 10 ….. and Microsoft pull your finger out! Is it any wonder your reviews on Windows Store are sitting at 2 stars?!