Windows 10 May Update causes sound issues for many [QUICK FIX]

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Many users reported on Microsoft’s support page that the latest Windows 10 version caused sound problems:

I have just updated to 1903, and have lost all sound. I have a Creative Audigy2 ZS Pro, yes, I know it’s old, but it was working perfectly on build 1809. After this 1903 update, no sound, so I went back to 1809, and hey presto, I got my sound back. I then tried the very latest 1903 build, but lost the sound again. Have MS got an answer?

So, it is clear that v1903 caused the loss of sound on this user’s Windows 10 PC. Also, the OP states that the audio card is pretty old, and this might contributed to the sound issue.

Is there a way to fix sound issues in Windows 10 v1903?

However, another user offers a very simple solution. If you encountered the same problem, here is the quick fix:

  1. Download the official Audigy RX driver from Creative’s website.
  2. Extract it with Winrar or another similar tool.
  3. Install the driver: Audio > DriversWin10 > wdm > browse wdm_emu.inf
  4. Restart you computer.
  5. After PC restarts, download Audigy Support Pack.
  6. Extract it and run Setup.
  7. Choose Custom install.
  8. Uncheck the Driver.
  9. Install all other App.
  10. Restart your PC and see if your audio is working.

Have you encountered any audio issues after you installed Windows 10 v1903? Let us know in the comment section below.



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