Don’t install Windows 10 May Update if you want to avoid audio issues

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windows 10 may update audio issues

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Windows 10 May Update is now available to the general public. Although Microsoft tried their best to make this new update an unmatched experience in terms of optimum OS performance and minimal errors, users already reported quite a large number of problems.

For example, many reports refer to various audio issues. Many users reported that after the update they faced awful problems such as audio fading and loss of sound.

One user highlighted that after the update, the bass disappeared and the sound quality was not the same as it was before the update.

Just updated to 1903, and have lost all sound,I know it’s old soundcard, but it was working perfectly on build 1809/1803/1709/1703/1607.

The OP uses a Creative SB sound card. Well, this is not a new issues and Insiders also complained about the same problem a few days ago.

The OP further added that when he opened the sound panel, the following alert popped to the screen: Windows detected that the improvements of the following device (my audio board) are causing problems and were disabled. Do you want to re-enable them?

Indeed, the OP said that his sound card was old but it was compatible with all the previous builds, including 1809 /1803 /1709 /1607. So, this fact should not create any problems.

Microsoft agents suggested this problem is actually due to outdated drivers.

The best solution to avoid this annoyance is to go to Creative Labs ’support site and then check if there are any updated driver versions available for download.

If this is the case, select the driver that is compatible with your sound card and the problem should be solved.

If you’re facing similar problems, try this solution and let us know if its yielded positive results or no.



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