How to turn the Windows 11 animation effects On/Off

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Different users have different tastes and it's important to satisfy all of them. 
  • There are various visual options and settings that you can change in Windows 11.
  • If the animation effect isn't to your liking, we'll show you how to turn it off.
  • There's more than one way of doing it and we're about to guide you through it.

Windows 11 comes with a lot of new features and, even though it doesn’t look that different from its predecessor, the new OS has some pretty nice graphic goodies.

Microsoft’s latest operating system uses animation effects for controls and elements by default. However, some of you may not be that impressed with these changes and would like to turn them off, for whatever reason.

We will show you exactly how you can do this, using two very simple methods.

How can I turn off the animation effect in Windows 11?

Using the Settings app

  1. Press Windows key + I to open the settings menu.
  2. Select the Accessibiity category and then click on Visual Effects.animation effect 1
  3. Turn the Animation effects On/Off.animation effect 2

Using the Control Panel

  1. Open the Start menu, search for Control Panel and open the for control panel
  2. From the top right corner of the window, set the View by option to Large icons.view by
  3. Click on Ease of Access Center.ease of access centre
  4. Click on the Make the computer easier to see option.make the computer easier to see
  5. Turn animations On or Off and click on the Apply button.turn off animations

Pretty simple, right? These are the steps you need to go through if you decided to turn the Windows 11 animations off, or maybe even back on.

This will only take up a couple of minutes of your time and doesn’t require a high level of technical knowledge.

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