Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 Runs Windows 11 Like a Charm

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • The number of devices on which Windows will run keeps increasing with each passing day.
  • After installing it on Surface devices and tablets, users are now running the OS on Samsung's Galaxy Book 2.
  • Apparently, Microsoft's new operating system runs extra smooth on this gadget, much to users' delight.
  • Windows 11 could become available to an even bigger and more diverse palette of gadgets, in the future. 
Windows 11 Galaxy Book 2

It is well known that Microsoft’s new operating system isn’t only designed for PCs and laptops, but for a wider range of devices.

There are, of course, all sorts of gadgets that will be compatible with Windows 11, such as tablets, Microsoft’s Surface devices, and maybe even mobile devices, in the future.

Galaxy Book 2 runs Windows 11 smoothly

Recently, some Windows 11 users actually installed the operating system, that everyone has been talking so much about, on a Galaxy Book 2 device from Samsung.

The news here isn’t that the user actually installed the OS on this device, but how smoothly it runs on this Samsung gadget. Also, the thread author seems to be more than satisfied with his new software choice

Apparently, the new operating system is much more flexible than we first thought it would be. This is excellent news, considering that this is only the beginning of this new journey.

With time, Windows 11 might be coming to more and more devices, spreading its availability to a vast network of supported gadgets and doodads.

Remember that, before installing Windows 11 to your device, there are some system requirements that you should take into consideration.

You can determine if your device is Windows 11 ready by using Microsoft’s Pc Health Check app, which will tell you exactly if your device can, or why your device can’t support the new OS.

Also, if you are a Microsoft Surface user, you can check here which Surface models are compatible with the new operating system.

What devices have you installed Windows 11 on so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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