7 Ways to Fix HDMI if the Audio is Not Working in Windows 11

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  • Users can’t hear any sound from video streams when Windows 11 HDMI audio is not working.
  • The audio troubleshooter may help some users fix HDMI when there’s no sound through HDMI in Windows 10/11.
  • Users have also confirmed updating sound drivers to be another potential resolution when Windows doesn’t detect HDMI audio.
windows 11 hdmi audio not working

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HDMI is a video and audio interface with which users stream media from TVs to their Windows 11 PCs. The HDMI standard delivers superior picture and sound quality for streamed content.

However, a common HDMI issue many users often face is missing audio. Users can see the video on PCs and TVs connected with HDMI but can’t hear any audio to go with it.

Thus, the HDMI video works but the sound doesn’t for those users. Are you another user who needs to fix the same HDMI audio issue in Windows 11? If so, try applying the fixes below.

Why is audio not working with HDMI?

There are numerous potential causes for audio not working with HDMI. Sometimes that issue can arise because two devices aren’t correctly connected or because of a faulty HDMI cable.

Outdated or incompatible sound drivers can often cause this issue. Users have confirmed updating sound drives helped resolve audio not working with HDMI.

The issue can also occur when PC speakers are set as a default audio device for playback instead of HDMI output. So, you may need to enable and set an HDMI output device as default for playback.

How do I fix HDMI if it’s not playing audio in Windows 11?

1. Try reconnecting your PC and TV

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Firstly, try reconnecting your PC’s monitor with the TV by unplugging the HDMI cable and plugging it back in. Double-check that you’ve connected them correctly with the HDMI cable.

One thing to note is that some HDTVs (high-definition TVs) have multiple HDMI ports. So, try reconnecting your PC with a different HDMI port on your TV if it has one.

Also, check the condition of the HDMI cable before reconnecting. If you have an alternative HDMI cable available, try using that one instead.

2. Run Windows 11’s Sound Troubleshooter

  1. Launch Settings (press Windows key + I), and select Troubleshoot in that app.
  2. Click Other trouble-shooters to view a list of Windows 11’s troubleshooters in the Settings app.
  3. Select the Play Audio troubleshooter’s Run button.
    The Run option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  4. Apply any resolutions suggested by the troubleshooter.
    Playing Audio troubleshooter windows 11 hdmi audio not working

3. Make sure your HDMI is set as the default playback device

  1. Press the Windows and R buttons on your keyboard simultaneously.
  2. Then input this command for opening sound settings: control mmsys.cpl sounds
  3. Click OK to open the Sound window.
    mmsys Run command windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  4. Right-click an HDMI output device on the Playback tab to select Enable.
  5. Select the HDMI output device, and press the Set Default button.
    Playback tab windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  6. Click Apply and OK to save the new sound settings.

4. Update sound drivers

  1. Press Windows + X to select the Device Manager option on the Power User menu.
  2. Then double-click the Sound, video, and audio controllers category.
  3. Right-click the High Definition Audio category to select Update driver.
    Update driver option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  4. Select the Browse my computer for drivers option in the Update Drivers window.
  5. Click the Let me pick option.
    Let me pick option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  6. Select High Definition Audio Device, and click the Next button.
    High definition Audio Device model windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  7. Click Yes on the Update Driver Warning window.

You can also update the audio driver with software like DriverFix. It is a driver updater utility that includes options for scanning and automatically updating device drivers on your PC. 

5. Reinstall sound drivers

  1. Open the Sound, video, and audio controllers category in Device Manager as covered in steps one and two of method four.
  2. Click High Definition Audio Device with the right mouse button to select Uninstall device.
    Uninstall device option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  3. Select the Uninstall option.
    The Uninstall option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  4. Press Alt + F4 to select Restart.

6. Restart the Audio Service

  1. Bring up Run by pressing the Power User menu’s Win + X hotkey and selecting it there.
  2. Type in this Run command for the Services tool: services.msc
  3. Click OK to launch Services.
  4. Double-click the Windows Audio service.
    Windows Audio service windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  5. Select Automatic on the Windows Audio service’s drop-down menu if that service is disabled.
    The Automatic option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  6. Click the service’s Start button.
  7. If that service is already enabled, right-click Windows Audio and select a Restart option for it.
    Restart option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  8. Repeat the above steps for the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service.

7. Enable all audio controllers

  1. Open Device Manager as outlined in previous resolutions.
  2. Click the View menu, and select its show Show hidden devices option.
    Show hidden devices option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  3. Double-click System devices to extend that category.
  4. Right-click High Definition Audio Controller and select Properties.
    Properties option windows 11 hdmi audio not working
  5. Select the Driver tab.
  6. Click Enable if that option is available on the tab.
  7. Repeat those steps for any other audio devices listed for that category.

What HDMI version is needed for Dolby Atmos?

You can utilize Dolby Atmos with any HDMI cable type. HDMI 2.0 will be sufficient, but the higher bandwidth HDMI 2.1 cables deliver higher resolution video.

We hope one of those resolutions fixes the HDMI audio issue on your Windows 11 PC. Try applying all of them to find one that works for you.

Feel free to discuss this HDMI audio issue in the comments section below. Users who’ve found other ways to fix HDMI sound not working are welcome to share their resolutions there.

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