Nasty bug causes Windows 10 Start menu to pop up on Windows 11

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Key notes

  • The Windows 11 system bugs saga continues with a brand new visual glitch.
  • This time, when pressing the Start button, something unexpected happens.
  • The Start menu from Windows 10 pops up, instead of the new version.
  • Issues such as these are making people lose confidence in the upcoming OS.
W11 Start menu bug

Remember when we said that some Insiders, particularly the ones that conduct their testing on the Dev channel, were about to enter the Windows 11 twilight zone?

We said that because Microsoft itself stated that the preview builds running on the above-mentioned channel were going to become increasingly unstable and buggy.

Now, however, it seems that not only these users find themselves experiencing anomalous behavior, as the upcoming OS starts doing some pretty unexpected tricks.

Windows 11 with a Windows 10 Start menu?

Yes, you heard correctly, there is no smoke or mirrors involved, just another system glitch from our very own Windows 11.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get stranger with this already peculiar operating system, so far, something like this happens.

We can just imagine the smile on some people’s faces, considering that they never liked the new Start menu and wanted a way to go back to the previous one.

But, no matter how much laughter or nostalgia this situation caused, we’re still talking about a bug that needs to be permanently eliminated. After all, this is not Kansas (Windows 10) anymore.

So let’s see exactly what this is about. Recently, this issue surfaced across multiple forums and social media platforms, where Windows Insiders share their findings with the rest of the community.

As you can see in the video above, pressing the Start menu button on this Windows 11 preview build causes the previous version of the menu, the one from the OS before this one, to actually pop up.

If we really think about it, it kind of brings back some memories from the operating systems that came before, don’t you think?

Such as the Aero theme in Windows 8 and later, that replaced the Windows Classic theme, which was only kept around to maintain compatibility with programs not updated to use the newer title bar systems.

But there’s still no reason for something like this to be happening this late into the testing phase. Most people say it’s because this is still Windows 10 with some new tattoos.

People seriously question Windows 11’s originality

This new system bug discourages even the most vehement Windows 11 supporters out there, as it shows once again that the new OS is just what we had before, only with more make-up.

Even if it is so, Microsoft should have done a better job at keeping this for itself and bolster community confidence, instead of shattering it with such silly and avoidable mistakes.

The fact that the old Start Menu is still somewhere in the codebase further proves what an unmanageable and bloated mess Windows has become underneath the new-ish paintjob.

I had something similar happening with the old File Explorer suddenly showing up, apparently the new explorer is also nothing more than a wrapper around the old code that can somehow be disabled.

I do hope someone will figure out a script/ registry key to enable this again permanently.

Yes, people wanted to be able to change such elements in Windows 11 and revert them back to their previous appearance, but not like this.

And rest assured that even if the Redmond-based tech company does fix all these problems before the October 5th rollout starts, users will still find ways to restore vital parts of the OS back to their Windows 10 looks.

Even now, such choices exist, in the form of software such as StartisBack (the new Beta version), and also Start 11 from Stardock.

The main idea here is that Microsoft made too many small mistakes and triggered a snowball effect that will further hurt its image and credibility in the long run.

Once Windows 11 gets released to the general public and people upgrade… these issues will be embarrassing for Microsoft. Once again Microsoft’s image will be tarnished and further erode people’s trust.

But, we all know how it is, you must lie in your bed the way you made it, so Redmond officials will need to find a way to earn some redemption after the dust settles a bit.

Until then, we will just keep testing the future operating system and keep our eyes open for similar or worse situations.

Hopefully, everything will get sorted out in the end, and, putting aside all the drama and mistakes that have clearly been made, Windows 11 will actually be a pleasant, immersive experience.

Remember that we have all sorts of helpful articles that can really come in handy when you are in a pickle. And since we were talking about the Start menu, this one can prove to be a real lifesaver.

Have you also encountered this nasty bug on your Windows 11 device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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