Windows 11 Startup Sound: 10 Best to Download

With an audio editor, you can make your own startup sounds

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Key notes

  • If you are bored with the Windows 11 startup sound, we have a selection of others to download.
  • All the sounds from our list are free to download and use on your own PC.
  • With an audio editor and a bit of skill, you can make your own startup sounds for your OS.
windows 11 startup sounds

When you boot up your PC or restart it, you will hear the Windows 11 startup sound. It’s not much, but that means the OS started up, and you’re ready to go.

However, many of our readers want to change the Windows 11 startup sound to something more suitable for their preferences. We prepared a selection of the best ones to download and use.

How do I change the Windows startup sound in Windows 11?

Windows 11, like any other version of the OS, has a collection of system sounds. So, changing the startup sound is just a matter of changing the Windows Logon sound from Settings.

Luckily, we have a complete guide on how to change the Windows 11 startup sound or disable it if you want to.

Now that we’ve cleared that out, let’s go to our selection of startup sounds for Windows 11 that you might enjoy.

What are the best Windows 11 startup sounds to download?

Motorcycle crank up – Great for bikers

If you’re a bike fan or riding one, this Motorcycle crank-up sound would be great for your PC as a startup sound.

However, we’re not sure what would happen if you rebooted your PC in the middle of the night while your folks are sleeping.

Get Motorcycle crank up

Lovely boot – Calm and soothing

On the other side of the scale from the motorcycle crank up, there is the Lovely boot sound that it’s just that: lovely.

It’s a relaxing sound that won’t bother even a lazy cat sleeping near the PC speakers. At most, it would trigger a soft purr. From the cat, not the PC.

Get Lovely boot

Computer Startup – Short and to the point

The Computer Startup sound was created for this sole purpose, and as its creator says, it was made from a couple of pitch sonar sounds in Audacity.

It’s only about 4 seconds long, but it does the job of letting you know that your PC has booted up. That was the point, right?

Get Computer Startup

Computer Startup Music – Three pleasant notes

The Computer Startup Music only has three notes, and a special spatial effect that reminds us of the normal Windows startup sounds throughout history.

However, it’s different, and you might like it. It’s only 5 seconds long and has a space travel flavor.

Get Computer Startup Music

Windows 95 Startup – Classic & timeless

If you’re nostalgic about Windows 95, you can set its startup sound to Windows 11. Just because you can.

The Windows 95 startup sound was pretty nice and ahead of its time if you ask us.

Get Windows 95 Startup

iMac Startup Chime – For Mac fans

This sound is a modified version of an iMac startup sound, so it’s similar but not identical.

However, if you want your Windows 11 to sound like an iMac, this would do the trick.

Get iMac Startup Chime

8-Bit Spaceship Startup – For retro gamers

If you’re an 8-bit retro games fan, this startup sound will be right up your alley.

As its name suggests, the sound is like a spaceship launch in a retro game. It would also be like a level-up special effect, in our opinion.

Get 8-Bit Spaceship Startup

O/S Start-Up – Different and pleasant

The creator of this sound designed it for the operating system of a helper robot that he has been working on.

It’s a nice, soothing, futuristic sound that is 8.5 seconds long and fits perfectly for Windows 11 startup.

Get O/S Start-Up

Ping! – One note spatial sound

If you want a simple startup sound for your Windows 11, Ping! is just the right one.

It’s the A note synthesized as a startup sound. It’s a calm ping sound, and it’s actually not bad at all for this purpose.

Get Ping!

Sound effect pro – Great startup sound

The Sound effect pro was designed for intros and startups, but it may be considered too high-pitched by some.

Nevertheless, it sounds professional, so hear it out and decide if it’s the one you were looking for.

Get Sound effect pro

We hope that our selection of free Windows 11 startup sounds provided you with enough choices to change the default one.

You should also know that the sounds must be in WAV format to work. Some of the sounds from our list can be directly downloaded as WAV, but if you stumble on an MP3 or other format, you will need an audio converter to change the format.

We only gave you a list of options, but if you have audio recording software or an audio editing app, you can create your own Windows 11 startup sound from scratch.

Let us know which sound you like best or if you have other interesting ones in the comments section below.

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