Which Surface Devices are compatible with Windows 11?

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Some users have managed to upgrade their Surface devices to the Windows 11 dev build.
  • Many of them have taken to social media to share their awesome experience with other like-minded users.
  • Windows 11 seems to run excellent on all the compatible surface devices and got only positive reviews.
  • Microsoft announced that it has big plans for its Surface family, in the not-so-distant future.
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We previously discussed which of the Microsoft Surface devices will be compatible with the new operating system, but now it’s time to take a look at how these devices actually perform with Windows 11 installed.

If you are a proud owner of such a device, know that Microsoft has considerably improved users experience, and has announced important plans for the future.

Windows 11 is said to be game-changing on Surface Pro X

Users that have already upgraded their OS on owned Surface devices are more than pleased with the way this software is currently performing.

Social media has been absolutely flooded with positive reviews for the operating system, running on these Microsoft devices.

There isn’t a single negative review for Windows 11 running on Surface Pro X, performance-wise, except for some of the UI choices that the Redmond tech company made, with the new OS.

The vast majority are content with this new era of the Windows operating system, and say that it performs good, and it looks really well done, as this Reddit user exemplified with this picture.

Users also mention substantial improvements to all the touch features and have even started calling these devices the iPad killers they have been dreaming of for years.

It seems that Microsoft wasn’t just all talk when it came to reshaping the future for their Surface devices, delivering a pretty immersive and complete experience for its users.

The touch keyboard is now much more usable. The keys are bigger and the feedback more intuitive.

Context menus are touch-friendly and easier to use.

Touch screen gestures are fluid and make navigating windows far more simple.

Larger hit areas make windows easier to use.

Even widgets in the dashboard are smooth. The new smart menu is cleaner, icons nicer, user interface, in general, is more refined.

64-bit amd64 emulation works flawlessly for me on this build. Wslg is working great in Debian. Zero overhead or setup required, it just works. I bet nested virt works fine too.

There are, however, some issues with Windows 11 on the Surface Pro X

From what users had to say on Reddit, there are some issues with Windows 11 on Microsoft’s Surface Pro X laptop.

Apparently, the battery, volume, and Wifi icons are grouped together, and the action of clicking on any of them will open everything into one window.

Also, currently, there is no slider bar to adjust the power levels, from power saver to performance mode.

Source: Reddit

Insider builds also installed on the Surface Pro 4

Another Reddit thread talks about a Windows 11 insider build being installed on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device, which performs just as well as the above-mentioned one.

Users point out that the OS upgrade for the Surface gadgets actually improves everything there is, system-wise, appearance-wise, as well as performance-wise.

As flagged in the thread we mentioned, the user that upgraded his OS on his Surface Pro 4 device, says that it feels like a different, brand new computer.

He reports faster response times for the Windows UI, a much more responsive touch screen, more fluent transitions, and an overall upgrade, with some occasional animation tears, which are normal for such an early build.

All-in-all, it seems that the tech company really outdid themselves this time, if everyone is, apparently, so pleased with all these changes.

Users even upgraded to Windows 11 on Surface Go 2 devices

Again, nothing but positive reviews, from the users that went ahead and upgraded their operating systems on the Microsoft Surface Go 2 devices.

Although there are a few users that haven’t quite gotten around to applying Windows 11 to their Go 2 gadgets, as specified in this Reddit thread, most of them managed just fine.

And those who did get the new OS to run on the above-mentioned Surface devices, say that it runs extremely smooth, smoother than Windows 10 ever ran on their Surface gadgets.

Microsoft stated that it’s planning to significantly improve users’ experience for all its touchscreen-based devices, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job, so far.

And this is just the beginning, apparently, as the tech giant has a lot more plans for its Surface devices in the future, plans that will revolutionize how everyone will perceive their operating system.

It will be interesting to see what new changes or features Microsoft will be adding to the Surface family, once Windows 11 officially starts rolling out to the public, later this year.

Apparently, Windows 11 won’t run on the Surface Pro 5

Lately, users have been installing the new preview build of the operating system on all the compatible Microsoft Surface devices and claimed that it works flawlessly.

However, there seems to be a tiny problem when it comes to the Surface Pro 5 device, which was released back in 2017. Even though the gadget meets the mandatory system requirements, the OS won’t run on it.

This caused sever backlash from all the Surface users that adopted this model as their own, as they are all simply wondering why this is happening.

Why is the Surface Pro 5 not compatible with Windows 11? , it meets the minimum requirements and is Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 enable. It’s a Microsoft product, if Windows 11 is so efficient as they claim, it should run no problem with the notebook that Microsoft itself sells. What is the reasoning behind not running Windows 11, the processor? The processor in the i5 model runs at 2.60ghz and it’s dual-core. Are they lying about the minimum requirements then? Do they try to seem more efficient than they actually are? Can someone explain

The system requirements has been the main focal point of user complaints, ever since Microsoft announced Windows 11 in the first place.

And even though the community is constantly ranting about this critical aspect, the tech giant doesn’t seem to back down.

Windows 11 runs with battery saver bug on the Surface 3 Laptop

Another one of the Microsoft Surface devices, which supports Windows 11, has been updated with the new OS. However, the user that installed it is also reporting a bug that others have experienced as well.

Just installed the insider dev build on my surface laptop 3. Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000. Surface is an i5, 8gb ram, 256gb black model. It’s really great, enjoying the changes, but definitely doing some weird stuff.

According to this Windows user, whenever he starts up the laptop with the battery saver feature turned on, the Windows 11 taskbar turns completely transparent.

Icons that are located on the taskbar seem to be just floating on the screen.

However, this bug is not isolated to these Surface devices, as there are more users that have flagged it on other machines as well.

The important thing here is that Microsoft’s new operating system does work well on the Surface 3 laptop.

Have you managed to use the Windows 11 dev build on any of your Surface devices? Let us know in the comments section below.