Microsoft faces major backlash after deleting Windows 11 bashing comments

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • The Redmond tech company is now facing major backlash, after deciding to silence its community from basing Windows 11 upcoming release.
  • All this scandal was stirred after Microsoft deleted user comments and closed the comments section on their AMA Youtube video.
  • These recent decisions have boosted user anger even more, as everyone now feels that opinions and reviews for the future OS don't matter anymore.
  • Windows users now strongly believe that the Windows 11 system requirements are just another clever way to sell more new devices.
Microsoft deletes user comments
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Microsoft was already skating on thin ice because of some of the choices that they’ve made regarding the upcoming operating system.

However, if you thought the situation wasn’t bad enough, now the Redmond company decided to mass delete user comments that heavily criticized Windows 11 and everything it stands for.

An unwise plan, considering the backlash they now face because they tried silencing the community that supported them all these years, through the good and the bad.

Microsoft tries to keep users in check by deleting comments

Some of the deleted comments accused the tech giant of being incapable of delivering a stable experience, while others harshly criticized Windows 11’s controversial hardware requirements.

Microsoft is not trying to get the displeased owners of incompatible hardware back under control, but the method they’ve chosen only seems to have angered them even more.

As you would’ve expected, Windows 11 is still one of the hottest and most controversial topics in the world of technology, at the moment.

A few days after the ask-me-anything (AMA) conference in which Microsoft tried to explain the OS transition in more detail, they’ve dealt with the reactions from countless upset customers.

The overall tone and dictatorial nature in which Microsoft has addressed the issue so far have been met with nothing but anger.

So, due to the massive number of negative reactions, Microsoft has closed the comment section under the YouTube video, which also included the erase of all previously posted comments.

Enraged users posted speculations that Microsoft introduced the outrageous system requirements just to sell more new devices, from which the Redmond-based software company would benefit greatly due to the included Windows licenses.

And also considering the fact that the video has gathered over 1000 dislikes and 100 likes so far, it’s likely that this was not Microsoft’s final battle in its effort to gain control over the narrative that is revolving around the controversial Windows 11 upgrade requirements.

Windows users now flood social media platforms with furious comments

Since Microsoft denied its community the right to comment on their Youtube videos, users have now taken to social media platforms to complain about this behavior.

Websites such as Reddit are now teeming with angry users that feel the need to clap back at the way that the Redmond tech giant is conducting its recent business.

Windows 11 is the mistake itself, and no, Microsoft isn’t going to cancel it. Microsoft promised that Windows 10 would be the last windows users would need, now they are ending support in just a few years. Microsoft lied.

This massive wave of user discontent makes one wonder what exactly will happen to Windows 11 in the long run, if it isn’t even out yet and it’s already creating such a negative public reaction.

On the other hand, Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/7/8/10 have shown a pattern of hating one release then liking it over the next years.

But never has Microsoft demanded such a hardware shift only to run their OS, which is mainly where all the mixed emotions are coming from.

More and more users are now looking towards adopting a Linux experience in the near future, rather than putting up with all of the tech company’s whims.

It will be interesting to see how this story will progress over the following months, and if Microsoft will make any changes that will further impact the Windows 11 story, whether for the better or worse.

What is your opinion on all this situation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.