Windows 11 could allegedly receive support for more widgets

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  • If you're not entirely happy with the Windows 11 widget experience, there's still hope.
  • Microsoft is planning on implementing some neat changes in this controversial area.
  • Apparently, the tech giant will soon add support for third-party widgets on the new OS.
  • No exact release date for this feature has been announced by Redmond officials so far.
windows 11 widgets

It’s safe to say that we can all agree on the fact that Windows 11 is all about a breath of fresh air, design improvements, and a somewhat disliked new way of doing things.

Many are also pleased to notice that the new OS also brings back a long-lost feature called widgets, pretty much similar to Windows Vista ones.

Unfortunately, much toward many users’ dislike, Windows 11’s widgets are not entirely based on the Vista or Windows 7 gadgets concept.

There are rumors, though, that all this is about to change during this new year, and fans are eagerly waiting for it to happen.

Leaks indicate many widget tweaks are on the way

For the time being, widgets in Windows 11 cannot be pinned to the desktop in any shape or form and they only appear on the widgets board. There’s a button for it on your taskbar.

Furthermore, the widgets option in the current Windows 11 builds consists mainly of some Microsoft apps widgets and News & Interests feed.

Reportedly, the Redmond tech giant is planning to add support for third-party widgets as well and, as it turns out, third-party widgets will be included in a future version of Windows 11.

We’re sure that a lot of you are overjoyed, as third-party support will allow you to customize the widgets board and make it exactly how you always wanted it to be.

The leak, in the form of screenshots, suggests that third-party widgets support will be coming to a future Windows 11 build.

This new material actually details the publishing of widgets on Microsoft Store as recommended by the tech giant for greater discoverability on both the Store as well as on the Widget Board.

There are some details related to the registration of packaged and unpackaged apps, as well as support for web-based widgets.

Apparently, Windows 11’s third-party widgets feature will require a new version of Windows Web Experience Pack, and developers will be able to publish their widgets in the Microsoft Store.

The tech giant will also introduce third-party support for older versions of the OS, which will substantially improve the widgets panel, but it’s not yet clear if apps that aren’t listed on the Microsoft Store will be allowed.

This move will surely trigger more developers to begin working with the mother company on new widgets for the latest operating system.

Also, the Windows widgets board will be moving to the left side of the screen as part of the Sun Valley 2 update and users will be able to view weather updates directly on the taskbar, similar to News and Interests.

Are you having issues with the Windows 11 widgets? If so, here are some proven solutions that will definitely help you fix the situation.

And, if you got bored with this feature and would like to disable it, we can show you how to easily do it.

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