Windows 11 Widgets Not Working? Fix Them in 5 Steps

by Vladimir Popescu
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  • The new and polished Microsoft OS brought back widgets formerly known as Gadgets in Windows 7.
  • Widgets give users quick access to various information about sports, weather, traffic, and many other topics.
  • Disabling and re-enabling the feature from the Windows 11 settings has proven useful in some cases.
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Windows 11 widgets are probably among the best features of the new operating system. This feature, while bringing back memories of the Windows 7 widgets, is completely redesigned with a more clean and sleek design., and new functionalities.

Having the widgets on your new OS not working is not an entirely new problem in the software world. This problem can be caused by several reasons.

However, some users have reported either blank or unresponsive widgets. If you are reading this then you are probably having the same problem. We have listed some solutions that have been tested and confirmed to fix the Windows 11 widgets not working issue once and for all.

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What can I do if Windows 11 widgets are not working?

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1. Enable Widgets via Settings

  1. Click the Windows button from the taskbar and choose the Settings icon.WINDOWS_settings
  2. Choose Personalization from the left side menu.personalization(windows 11 widgets not working)
  3. Click on Taskbar.taskbar
  4. Toggle the Widgets button to on.widgets-button

2. Switch from local account to Microsoft account

  1. Click the Windows button then choose on the Settings option.WINDOWS 11_settings
  2. Click on Accounts.accounts
  3. Choose the Your info option.your-info
  4. Under the account settings section, click on Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.signin-microsoft-account
  5. Provide your username and password then click Sign in.

3. Enable widgets from group policy

  1. Press Windows button + R and then type gpedit. msc. Press the Enter (windows 11 widgets not working)
  2. Click on Computer Configuration.comp-config (windows 11 widgets not working)
  3. Choose Administrative Templates.admin-templates (windows 11 widgets not working)
  4. Open the Windows Components folder from the left side (windows 11 widgets not working)
  5. Search for and click on the Widgets folder.widgets (windows 11 widgets not working)
  6. Double click on Allow widgets.allow widgets (windows 11 widgets not working)
  7. In the window that appears click on Not configured then click the OK button.not configured (windows 11 widgets not working)

4. Set Microsoft Edge as your default browser

  1. Open Settings after clicking the Windows logo in your taskbar.WINDOWS settings( windows 11 widgets not working)
  2. Click on Apps.apps (windows 11 widgets not working)
  3. Choose the Default apps option.default - apps (windows 11 widgets not working)
  4. Under related settings, click on Choose defaults by file type.choose-defaults-by-file-type (windows 11 widgets not working)
  5. In the search tab search for html (windows 11 widgets not working)
  6. Set Microsoft Edge as the default app for both .htm and .html options.pick-default-app (windows 11 widgets not working)

5. Disable Graphics Drivers

  1. Press the search button from the taskbar,type control panel, and open (windows 11 widgets not working)
  2. Click on Hardware & Sound.
  3. Under the Devices and Printers section, click on the Device Manager option.device-manager (windows 11 widgets not working)
  4. Click on Display adapters.display adapters (windows 11 widgets not working)
  5. Right-click on the graphics card then select Properties.adapter properties (windows 11 widgets not working)
  6. Click on the Drivers tab.driver tab (windows 11 widgets not working)
  7. Choose the Disable device option.disable device (windows 11 widgets not working)

Most users on online forums have used the above solutions to fix the widget problem once and for all, so they might prove efficient in your case as well. If that did not help, you can try updating your drivers with the help of Outbyte Driver Updater which will scan your PC and replace missing or outdated drivers.

Windows 11 widgets can be directly accessed from the taskbar or by simply pressing Win + W. It gives users quick access to various feeds such as sports, weather, stock, traffic, etc.

Users are also able to customize their widgets by adding & removing user interests or even changing the language settings.

As you can see, fixing blank or unresponsive widgets is not so complicated. We hope one of the solutions listed above helped you with your problem.

You can also explore how to disable widgets on Windows 11 in case you want a free and clean taskbar.

Feel free to use the comment section in case you have a question or a solution that you would like to share with us.

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