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windows 8.1 Windows 10 free install
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Windows 10 are available for users to download and try as final OS versions. Windows 10 is also available as a customer preview. If you want to download Windows 8.1, Windows 10  for free, you can do it right now with next to no effort and witness for yourself all the new upgrades that were released.

If you don’t know what new features Window 8.1 or Windows 10 has brought, check out this post, where we explained all the new features that would come along with this update. Also, if you are interested in seeing the Microsoft //build/ conference for yourself, you can check it out here.

check for updates

If you already own Windows 8, Windows 10 then you can download the latest OS version for free and upgrade your existing operating system. The ISO files are available for both OS versions and you can follow the links listed below to download them:

All users of Windows 8, Windows 10 will be able to download for free the upgrade package for Windows 10 right now. If you wish to know how you can do this, read this short guide and in a matter of minutes, you will have Windows 8.1, Windows 10  on your computer.

Download Windows 10 for free

As mentioned, in order to install Windows 10 or Windows 10, you need to have an original copy of Windows 7, 8 or an older Windows 10 version installed on your computer. At this point, Microsoft has released the upgrade package for x86 based computers. If your Windows 8 is a x64 version, then this upgrade will not work sadly.

The first step for downloading the Windows 8.1, Windows 10 upgrade for free is to follow the two links listed above and save the upgrade files to your drive.

After the download has finished, open the installer and follow the wizard that will guide you through the installation. After the installation is complete, you will have Windows 8.1, Windows 10 installed on your computer. Now, you can check out all the new features that Microsoft has brought in this update.

Test the upcoming Windows 10 features with the Insider Program

Microsoft also allows users who enrolled in the Windows Insider Program to test the upcoming new features and improvements before they are released to the general public. When a new Windows 10 build is out, Insiders usually need to wait for a couple of days before the ISO files are available for download.

To enroll in the Windows Insider Program, go to Settings > Update & Security > click on ‘Windows Insider Program’.

windows insider program

I hope everyone will like the new features that were introduced in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and if you plan on installing it, the only thing I can say is : “Enjoy your free Windows 8.1, Windows 10 install“.


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Saw post earlier “How to get Windows 8.1 for free.” If it were possible, Poster, I would happily GIVE you the W8.1 which was pre-loaded on a comp I bought in May 2014 but failed to read specs printed on the Acer brand computer box. I know now that my failure to READ was a huge mistake.
And: I also read online that if a person “upgraded” W8 to W8.1, rhere is no way to revert to W8.
So I am totally bumfuzzled since what I would really want to do is to go back to the W7 which I could more-or-less understand W7.
W8.1, for me, is comparable to going mosquito hunting with an elephant gun. TOO much more comp than I will ever need.
According to techs @Advanced Tech Solutions, $350 to sign onto/get Sick Computer issues fixed by the techs at ATS, $15 per month after that for my entire lifetime, replacing W8.1 with the W7 I want so badly it is not even funny IS possible and Techs would take my comp back to W7, no problem.
Odd how Y/N answers to the “Can I go back to W7 from W8..1?” are confusingly posted online.
Damfino whether Yes or No is the correct response.
Now: It turns out I still have the W7 computer which died. I asked on 10/24 whether ATS Techs could or would Remote Access the W7 computer, take a look at its’ issues, possibly clean up, fix up, whatever the correct term might be, the W7 machine. OH HOW I HOPE THAT CAN BE DONE!!
I believe the ATS Techie did say it might be possible to take a remote look at the W7 computer and render it workable again. Will have to ask again; senior-memory-issues here which is why I cannot recall techs'[ response today.
Wow I hope the Tech Dept at ATS can do what I would absolutely love to get done. According to MSoft writings Re:W8.1, it would be a good set-up for developers, web site creators, etc.
I have none of the skills that developers/web site builders have.
Simple-comp-use, senior-aged 97% homebound person here who depends greatly on my “Window,” (no pun intended) “to the world.” Not Tech at all, which is why I want to revert to W7.
Repeat, if I could just hand over this W8.1 to someone who would appreciate and use it. If W8.1-wanting person still has a W7 disk s/he would use to “sweeten the pot,” that person would go to the top of the Give Away W8.1 list I would compile.
Too much chatter from me here; sorry. I just wanted to get my point totally understood. : – (, I do not have the W7 disk and possibly have lost the “sticker” that was affixed to the W7 tower. It seems any Tech would want License Key number and I am not sure I still have the thing.
So if someone has the W7 disk and License Key what-is-it, I sure as Bleep would be very happy to do a straight-across trade. No questions asked, except for “Has any bad thing happened to or been caused by the W7 computer?” Honest response “No, no problems” would make me ecstatic.
Hold on, wait a moment. I also would have to, pre-trade 8.1 for someones’ 7, get hold of an external hard drive to put my stuff in this W8.1 comp. Ooops, almost.
The above words are just my opinion. If others have fallen in love with W8 or 8.1, fine with me. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion.
MY opinion is I HATE W8.1; did not have to say that, right? This whole bollixed-up thing is totally my fault; from now on I will be sure to read words on ANYthing. Very expensive and frustrating experience on my part.

dont do this, Facebook video calling doesnt work with Windows 8.1. It has been like that for months and Windows doesnt want to fix it. This program is pure junk. again dont do it if your regular program Works well. You will have alot of problems with this.