After Windows 8.1 Update, Some Users Report Black Screen, Flickering cursor

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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We’re back with reporting various issues that Windows 8 users are receiving and also trying to offer some working fixes for this. This time, it seems that the latest Windows 8.1 Update has resulted in a black screen or flickering cursor for some.
windows 8.1 update black screen
There are plenty of annoying issues after installing the latest Windows 8.1 Update, especially during the installation process itself, and also with saved games and slowing down of systems. Now, according to some fresh forum posts on the Microsoft Community website, many have been reporting that they are getting a black screen with a flickering cursor. I remember that I have had this problem when I installed the first Windows 8.1 update to Windows 8. Here’s what one affected user has been complaining about:

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well windows asked me to update, so i have done so, and i rebooted. i found that after the update has finished, nothing was showing up. so i decided to go to the restore point so i can go back and undo the update and see whats wrong. but that didnt work, saying that it has unspecified errors. tried every other restore point but it seems to not be able to. access the registry. so then i tried to repair my start up, but it also failed, not giving me much details. i assumed it must be the visual drivers issue, so i attempted to go in safemode too. but the result was quite annoying, as i get the same problem as booting it normaly. i can not use the win+p, ctrl+alt+del, and any other combination, as it shows up with nothing.
tried the sfc/scannow, gave me no error, tryied CHKDSK c:/f no errors either. im kinda stuck now, and i dont really want to refresh windows. please give me advice

So, as we can see, this is a pretty experienced user and he has tried some potential fixes to remedy his problem. If you have found yourself in the same situation, you can go ahead and uninstall the KB files which came with the latest Windows 8.1 Update, and then try to perform another install in Clean Boot mode. Also, go ahead and open the Device Manager and from there, try to uninstall video drivers and the download them from the website of your maker. Also, if you are having the issue on a separate monitor, try to uninstall and install drivers separately for it.