Best free winter themes to download on PC this Christmas

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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free winter themes windows 10

Christmas is just around the corner, and so is winter. If you want to personalize your Windows Windows 10 computer to accommodate the new season, then you need to download these new Windows 10 themes for the beginning of winter.

Christmas is almost here and you can even use a Christmas Countdown Windows 8, 10 app to know how much more you have to wait until the magical day is finally here.

We’ve also shared you with a Windows 8, 10 app that you can use to track Santa’s progress to your house straight from your Windows 8, 10 app and even an awesome Windows 8, 10 cooking app to prepare delicious Christmas food.

Now, if you’ve installed all of the above apps, then now it’s time to talk about some awesome, free winter themes for your Windows 8, 10 and Windows 8.1 customization.

You will also be able to find quite a few in our previous collection of more than 150 free Windows 8, 10 themes and wallpapers. Follow the link from below to download 4 awesome winter themes for your Windows 8.1,10 device.


Christmas themes for PC

Snow Panoramic theme

snow panoramic windows 8.1 theme

These panoramic images showcase the pristine beauty of snow-covered landscapes from around the world. This free theme for Windows 10 is designed to span dual monitors for twice the majesty.

Download Snow Panoramic theme

Snowy Night theme

christmas windows 8.1 theme

These beautiful images capture the many ways that snow can transform a landscape, from the hushed grandeur of the forest to the beckoning warmth of a cozy cottage and the magic of snow-covered city streets. Welcome winter with this free theme for Windows.

Download Snowy Night theme

Snowy Owls theme

snowy owls windows 8.1 theme

Photographer Christopher D. Elliott captures the contemplative gaze and majestic flight of the snowy owl in this free theme for Windows.

Download Snowy Owls theme

Isle of Man theme

isle of man windows 8.1 theme

Explore the landmarks, coastline, and serene natural beauty of the Isle of Man in this free Windows theme featuring images from photographer Mark Wallace.

Download Isle of Man



This winter theme features 8 snowmen images that will bring back childhood memories. Install this theme on your Windows 10 computer and when the first snow falls, you’ll definitely want to go outside and build your own snowman.

Download Snowmen theme

Twinkle Wish

twinkle wish

Your Christmas and Winter wishes will come true with the help of this Windows 10 theme. This is another beautifully designed winter theme for Windows PCs that will bring you back to childhood.

Download Twinkle Wish

Czech Winter

czech winter windows 10 theme

This theme packs 5 wallpapers that depict the beauty of this country in winter. If you visited the Czech Republic, we’re sure you’ll like this winter theme.

Download Czech Winter

Sugar and Spice

sugar and spice theme windows 10

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? How about setting Christmas cookie pictures as your wallpaper? If you like this idea, then all you need to do is download this theme.

Don’t know about you, but my favorite Windows 10 winter theme is the one with the Snowy night. What about you, what theme do you currently have on your Windows 10 computer or tablet?

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2013 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.