Track Santa with this NORAD app for Windows 10, 8.1

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Did you know that you can track Santa’s progress to your home from a Windows 8 and Windows 10 tablet? The official Track Santa app from Norad makes it possible. Read to find out all about it!

Twas the night before Christmas, when Santa got up, took to the skies and disappeared. He was on his way to all children in all the world, to bring them presents and a jolly Christmas. But the anticipation of the arrival of Santa is sometimes too much for the the little ones, and to give them some relief, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, have released the radar footage of Santa flying around the world.

Although now it is a bit early to start looking at the radar screens, it’s not long until they will pick up on their screens the flying sled of Santa. All we have to do is wait a little longer. Anyone will be able to see Santa fly around the world on Christmas eve, by using the NORAD app from the Windows 8, Windows 10 Store.


Tracking Santa with NORAD

When the time comes, the app will feature an interactive map powered by Bing Maps, where Santa will be shown in real time as he flies throughout the world. The user interface of the app has many Christmas accents and an overall jolly look, and it will also feature lots of information about Santa, the North Pole and more.

As for the time being, the app features a countdown to Christmas Eve, but on the 24th of December, it will show kids what they want to see the most: Santa in action. All of this, thanks to NORAD and their powerful radars that can pick-up Santa’s sled.


Now that you have a tool to track Santa around the world, all that is needed is a Christmas tree and some kids who have been good this year. NORAD has partenered with Microsoft this year and BingMaps will be the official resource to track Santa down. This is a big win for Microsoft.

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Download NORAD for Windows 10, Windows 8

UPDATE: NORAD’s Track Santa app is no longer available for download. Don’t panic, we have your back. There are many other cool tools that you can use to track Santa’s journey to your home. Read this guide to learn more.

Of course, you can also go to NORAD’s official website to track Santa.

Speaking of Santa, if you’re organizing any Secret Santa events this year, you can use one of these Secret Santa organizers to get the job done.

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