What are the best Backgammon games for Windows 10/11, 8?

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Keep your Backgammon game passion going in Windows 10, Windows 8 thanks to these 6 best Backgammon apps.

Backgammon is a classic game most of us have tried our hands at. With the advent of computers in almost any home, the option has arisen to play this game on the virtual machine and not using the physical board and pieces. Of course, Windows 8, Windows 10 also comes with Backgammon games through its Windows Store, especially.

This way players can save the money they would spend on acquiring the set. Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows RT users also have at their disposal some pretty engaging Backgammon apps which will allow them to play, compete against other players and win virtual championships.

Let’s have a look at some of the best apps and games to play Backgammon in Windows 10, Windows 8.

Windows 10, 8 Backgammon apps

1. Backgammon Pro [Free]

backgammon pro windows 8

This is one of the most popular Backgammon apps that can be found in the Windows app store, rated highest by most of the users who have tried it. The concept is simple, gamers need to remove all the 15 pieces off the board, before their opponent does the same to them. The movements within the game are decided by sheer luck. Just throw the dice and see what comes up. Gamers can chose levels of difficulty and their opponent.

Beginners can get their hand on game play with less difficult levels, but advanced users can choose to play against the computer. This app features an highly advanced neuronal network acting as the computer, so be sure that you will be challenged. This Windows 8, Windows 10 app will also display a worldwide online high scores, so it will pump your motivation.

2. Backgammon Free from WildCard Games

backgammon premium windows 8

Backgammon Premium app for iPhone and iPad has already been given very high ratings by the Apple community. Now the app has made it to Windows 8, Windows 10 as well and is threatening to offer endless hours of backgammon fun. Enjoy the high resolution graphics and compete against 3 different difficulty levels. Your efforts will then be recorded in the high score so you can track your progress.

3. Checkers Pro [Free]

checkers pro windows 8

Not exactly your classic backgammon game, but checkers is a similar game. You also have to eat your opponent gaming pieces before he does the same to you. To do so, gamers must move their pieces over (jump) the ones of their partner.

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The app features extensive high scores, 1 or 2 player mode, different difficulty levels and very well put together graphics. Games can be paused, auto-saved and if you made the wrong move on the board you can always undo.

4. Backgammon Gold [Free]

backgammon gold windows 8

This app for Windows 8, Windows 10 machines features a lot of interesting features. First of all, you can play tournaments and we know how much fun competition could be. Choose your difficulty levels and the design of the board (Winter board, Girly board). Players can backgammon with other human opponents or other devices. Games can be saved.

However to play against the computer and enjoy some tutoring functions, users will have to unlock the Premium version of the app which costs $5.99.

5. Backgammon 2.0 [$2.99]

backgammon 2.0 windows 8

This app doesn’t require an Internet connection to play, because it offers only the possibility to play against the computer. The graphics are minimal, but nevertheless you get to enjoy the raw experience of a classic backgammon game.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the app is no longer listed in the Microsoft Store.

6. The Backgammon

The Backgammon windows 10 game

The Backgammon is an addictive Backgammon game developed by UNBALANCE. This is one of the most popular Backhammon games in the Microsoft Store. It features 5 levels of difficulty which should be challenging enough for all players, from absolute beginners to experienced Backgammon players. If you’re a beginner, this is the perfect app to learn and improve your game.

If you collect a certain number of models, you will get a special style board as a reward. The game supports Human vs Computer, as well as Human vs Human  when sharing the same device.

7. Bonus: Backgammon games available in the Microsoft Store

These are many more Backgammon games worth downloading on your Windows 10 computer. Here are some of them:


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