Windows 8, 10 Security Apps: Selection of Best From Windows Store

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When having and using an Windows 8 device is all about portability, multitasking and great apps and programs to use for making your daily activity easier (see calendar apps to use on your device) and your life healthier (learn how to live a healthier life by using a dedicated health Windows 8 tool). But at the same time you need to concern about security as your personal data, info and accounts might be in danger.
windows 8 security apps
We all know that when using an Internet connection and when downloading content and apps from web, we might also get a malware that can then damage our Windows 8 device. In that matter you should know which security apps to use in order to protect your Windows 8 tablet, laptop or desktop. You also need to protect your passwords and website accounts and at the same time you need to protect your accounts and personal information. In order to help you out, during the lines from below I will try to review the best Windows 8 security apps that can currently be downloaded from Windows Store.

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Of course beside this you should also consider in applying parental control for restricting your kid’s access to Windows Store and to websites with inappropriate content, while you should use Firewall protection along with in-browser security, spyware detector and so on. Now, most of the antivirus programs reviewed below are coming with great features that can protect you and your data from malware and viruses infection so don’t hesitate and learn which Windows 8 security app to use.

Best Windows 8 security apps



If you want to secure your accounts easily then LockIt should be perfect for you. With this Windows 8 security app you can store your passwords and secret information; the app features strong cryptography to secure your data and keep hackers out thus the tool can be used for storing credit cards, bank account information, software keys and more. LockIt is available for free on Windows Store.


McAfeeOne of the best antivirus platforms to use on your Windows 8 device is definitely McAfee. This is a great app with an easy to use user interface and with useful features that can keep you safe and secure. You can use McAfee for web browsing security and also for scanning your Windows 8 device in order to remove malware and viruses. This app is also available for free on Windows Store.

Norton Satellite

Norton SatelliteAnother popular antivirus is Norton. This app which can be anytime downloaded for free from Windows Store is great for the users who love to socialize. Thus with Norton Satellite you can scan your Facebook and Twitter feed for malicious links, as well as files from your Dropbox, SkyDrive and local PC for malware. In addition to Norton Satellite you can also use Norton Studio in order to enjoy full protection on your Windows 8 device.

Kaspersky Now

Kaspersky NowIf you want an alternative to McAfee and Norton, then Kaspersky Now should be the perfect choice. This app can run without lags or bugs on any Windows 8 device and can be used for protecting your device against malware and aggressive viruses. Kaspersky Now can be anytime downloaded for free from Windows Store.

Last Pass

Last PassA great password manager that you can use on your Windows 8 device is Last Pass. As the name suggest with Last Pass you can store and manage all your logins securely, so you can access your accounts and services from anywhere. The app is free distributed on Windows Store and you can read a proper review of Last Pass by checking the link from above.


RoboFormRoboForm is another password manager. When you have and use multiple accounts on a daily basic you need to use a proper password manager. Thus RoboForm is automatically saving your passwords so you’ll never have to remember or type your passwords again. The too is also secure so you don’t have to worry that someone else instead of you will have access to your accounts or to your web browsing history. RoboForm is of course available for free on Windows Store, so don’t hesitate and test the same.

Well, that was all for now; don’t worry as we will update the list with new security apps as soon as we find out something that is worth mentioning. At the same time, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below and point out your own favorite security app and we will update this review accordingly. Also, stay close for further Windows 8 news, tips and tricks and lot more.

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