Top Free Windows RT Apps You Need to Download

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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Finding dedicated apps for your Windows RT device should be an easy task to do, though it seems that there are users who are still having problems in downloading proper tools from Windows Store. Because of that I have decided to review the best Windows RT apps that are currently available on the Store.
top windows rt apps
Using optimized tools is ideal, even if we are talking about Windows 8 or Windows RT based devices. But unfortunately, on Windows Store we don’t have separate sections for both platforms and all the apps are being available at one place only, being if you want mixed all together. As we all know, the apps that are optimized for Windows RT are those software which are also compatible with ARM. So, the best way in choosing your apps will be in checking if the software is suitable with ARM. Also, you can use this article where we will constantly update the list from below with the best Windows RT apps that can be downloaded from Windows Store.

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Best 8 Windows RT Apps to use on your device


KindleIf you want to download and read great books on your Windows RT tablet then you need to install the Kindle client for your Windows RT device. Kindle is a great app that is compatible for both Windows 8 and RT systems and which can be anytime downloaded from Windows Store for free. You can read a proper review of Kindle app right here on Wind8apps, so don’t hesitate and learn everything about this eBook Reader tool.


NetflixI bet you know what Netflix is and why we recommend this app. The best is that Netflix is compatible with Windows RT devices too, so you can anytime download the tool from Windows Store. The app is free distributed and can be used for watching TV episodes and movies right on your own tablet. Check the link from above for the proper Netflix app review.

Remote Desktop

Remote DesktopRemote Desktop is an extremely useful app that can be used especially by the advanced Windows 8 users. With Remote Desktop you can basically connect your tablet with your computer or desktop. In that matter you can use this app for getting your work done wherever you are and in any conditions as all you need to use is a Windows RT based device. You can download Remote Desktop from Windows Store for free.


iHeartRadioA great radio app for Windows RT devices is iHeartRadio. By using this tool you can listen to music for free, you can keep in touch with the latest news talk, sports and lot more. iHeartRadio features an easy to use user interface while it gives access to Thousands of real radio stations playing pop, country, hip-hop and R&B, rock and so on.

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ComicsComics are always a great way to spend your free time. Comics are also appreciated by kids and adults on the same matter, so having and using a dedicated app on your Windows RT device will be quite useful and great. In that matter you can anytime use Comics by ComiXology, which is a free distributed app on Windows Store.

Khan Academy

AcademyDo you want to have an eciclopedia of anything and everything right on your Windows RT device? In case you want to read new stuffs and learn things easier and faster, Khan Academy is the perfect tool for you. The software covers a massive number of topics, including K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even the humanities with tutorials on finance and history. Thus, don’t hesitate and try Khan Academy for free on your own Windows RT device.


WikipediaI think that Wikipedia is a platform that doesn’t need any kind of review or introduction. Each one of us have used Wikipedia for at least once, so we all know how it works and why it is so useful. Therefore, you must download and install Wikipedia on your Windows RT tablet as soon as possible – the app is free distributed on Windows Store.

That was our selection of Windows RT apps. Of course the review can anytime include many other tools, so feel free and participate in expanding this article and in helping other users in finding proper apps for their Windows RT tablets. In that matter, use the comments field from below and feedback us with your own favorite apps, which are of course optimized for the Windows RT platform.

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