Windows Lite could support Win32 apps but hold your horses

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Windows Lite OS support Win32 apps

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Microsoft recently shared some details about the rumored modern OS named Windows Lite. The tech giant has yet to reveal the complete list of features of Windows Lite.

However, Microsoft Insider WalkingCat leaked some additional details regarding the upcoming version of Windows. The user confirmed that Windows Lite may bring support for Win32 apps.

Windows Lite promises a better update experience

Microsoft has not officially announced Windows Lite. The company only hinted at this potential OS.

The big M used the platform of Computex 2019 to hint about how the future of Windows OS could look like.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of consumer and device sales, Nick Parker revealed some tiny details about the company’s plans to get ready for the new type of devices that will soon hit the market.

Microsoft highlighted the fact that a modern OS is required to power the new devices. This version will bring some exciting features such as seamless updates.

For the past few years, Windows 10 users have been struggling with the Windows Update process. Microsoft made several promises to provide a better update experience and reduce the number of update errors.

Apparently, Microsoft plans to fulfill this promise in the Windows Lite version. The company promises to offer an update experience that will be free of any kind of interruptions.

No interruptions and background updates sound very different from the Windows Update experience available on Windows 10 today.

 Windows Lite release date

Microsoft aims to target businesses and educators as the potential users of Windows Lite. These two types of users don’t usually allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

Therefore, speculations suggested that the tech giant may not offer Win32 app support on Windows Lite.

There is no official confirmation from Microsoft and we may have to wait for an official release to see if Win32 apps are indeed supported on Windows Lite.

If Microsoft goes ahead with this feature, it can be a piece of good news for the educators’ community. They can still offer their apps to Windows Lite users without publishing them on Microsoft Store first.

Microsoft didn’t announce any timeframe for the release of Windows Lite. The company is focusing on the development process. Hopefully, an ETA will soon be announced.



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