Windows Lite could feature some Windows 7 design elements

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Windows Lite static start menu

With the evolution of the Windows OS, we know that technology is making progress on a daily basis. Despite the plethora of recent updates, the live tiles view of Start menu hasn’t been updated in a long time. Has Microsoft forgotten about this feature? Or is it working on revamping live tiles? Is the company planning to drop live tiles altogether?

Recent rumors suggest the third variant is the correct one. Reportedly, the big M will add a static menu to Windows Lite and some design elements will be inspired by Windows 7. The surprise is that there will be no live tiles.

Are live tiles useless for users?

Different and consistent tests were conducted according to which people aren’t attentive to the live tile view in the Start menu. This feature allows users to be actively involved in pinning up software according to their needs.

Nevertheless, it is yet to see if the same Start menu makes it to other versions of Windows 10, but for now, it just seems like live tiles aren’t part of Microsoft’s plan. People aren’t really opening the Start menu to look at or customize live tiles. Users prefer pinning everything to the taskbar because it’s easier to open your programs from there rather than from the start menu.

Windows Lite is Microsoft’s Chrome OS rival, which is anticipated to run a user interface known as Webshell which will not be like Windows 10.  It will still be able to track Windows apps, but only those downloaded from the Store.

Live Tiles were a way for Microsoft to try to divert tablet owners to go towards Windows 8 and 8.1. Meanwhile, Windows 10 dropped most of the touchscreen-centric design decisions, apart from live tiles.

It’s still unclear whether Microsoft will drop live tiles on all future OS versions or just on the Lite version.

Are live tiles in Start menu really dead? Tell us what you think about this feature in the comments below.


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