Windows 10 Gaming Edition might be the next Windows 10 OS version

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Windows 10 gamer edition OS
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Gamers, are you ready? Windows 10 Gaming Edition is going to be the future version of Windows 10. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft declared PC gaming holds great importance in the consumer strategy of the company.

But it seems like Windows 10 Standard Edition failed to grab the attention of PC gamers with its features such as a free game recording tool, Game Mode, and DirectX 12.

Recently, the Windows 10 users used the platform of XBOX IDEAS to demand a Windows 10 Gaming Edition from Microsoft. The idea “Create a Version of Windows Specifically for Gaming” has been a huge success that got around 3,168 votes from the Microsoft gaming community recently.

Most of the other users have shared their opinions and suggestions on the platform. The gaming community welcomed the idea, shared their suggestions and provided a lot of solutions for the implementation of the Gaming version of Windows.

Windows 10 Gaming Edition potential features

Most of the users came up with a different suggestion about the look and feel along with the features of Windows 10 Gaming Editions. Some of them think that the new version should be a cross between a server and a desktop.

It should be available with just a minimalistic version of apps and services that are required for the gamers. While they should be able to start services and install apps according to their requirements.

This version of Windows should be able to control the fan speed, especially for the most demanding games. It will cool down the CPU and the RAM specifically on low end PCs.

Furthermore, the users will also be able to control monitor preferences, sound preferences, custom game profiles, overclocking and much more.

Here are some of the major recommendation that should be considered by Microsoft for a Windows 10 Gamers Edition.

1. Minimalist GUI

We know that the GUI takes a lot of RAM memory, so the Gamer’s Edition should have a minimalist User Interface. The minimalist design would help the games to launch faster and it would be easier to manage as well.

The Windows 10 lock screen should have recent games, achievements, friend activity, messages and Xbox Live activity. A full-screen game launcher should also be available by default.

It will allow the users to launch games from other sources as well, apart from the Microsoft Store. Furthermore, the Gaming PC can be made more powerful by optimizing it for both controller and mouse-and-keyboard input.

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2. Unified Game App

A Game app can be developed similar to the Windows Mail that would be able to link multiple accounts from different sources including GoG Galaxy, Steam, Uplay, Epic, Origin etc.

It app would not have to implement the entire functionality of the game but rather it would just provide necessary features necessary for starting the game and log accumulated time played. Moreover, the actual client would be handling the achievements and other stats etc.

3. Windows Defender

Currently, the Windows Defender is consuming a lot of CPU power while running in the background. Sometimes, it chews away memory from the game so that the game becomes unplayable in such situations.

A more minimalist version of the PC should be launched that should not be allowed to show notifications or grab the focus during the full-screen mode.

4. Advanced Hardware Monitoring

Some of the games have the ability to ensure peak performance on the systems by mapping macros and graphic card settings. Keeping in mind those requirements, the users demanded the automated settings from the operating system based on both hardware and gaming specifications. It will save the users from manually configuring on each installation of Windows.

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4. Cut down in Processes

This is one of the most highly demanded features that need to be considered by Microsoft. While a game is running in a full-screen mode in Windows 10, all of the non-essential should automatically go into the “Suspend” mode.

The system should be able to prioritize the game in a way that no other program should be able to grab CPU or GPU power.

5. Manual Driver Updates

Most of the times we are forced to download the driver update or they are being automatically downloaded by the PC. So, the Windows 10 Gaming Edition should restrict the NVidia, AMD, Windows to download and install updates.

6. Hardware & Software Specifications

The hardware specification for the Windows 10 Gaming Editions should be the following: the operating system should be 10-20 GB in size.

The Software specifications include: Steam, Settings & Control Panel, a lightweight version of Windows Defender, Microsoft Store, along with some of the important OS components.

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Alternative Recommendations

Some of the users didn’t like the idea of a dedicated gaming version of Windows 10. According to them, they should not have to waste a lot of money on a version that is not going to allow them to do anything else in the future.

Moreover, they will have to spare a PC for the Windows 10 Gamers Edition that is also not a feasible option for a few of them.

Instead, those users who were against the idea suggested some alternative options be implemented along with the Windows 10 Desktop Editions.

1. Boot Option (Gaming Mode)

Most of the users were not in favor of a dedicated Windows 10 Gaming Edition so instead they suggested a new boot option “gaming mode”. It would allow the computer to boot directly into a dedicated gaming mode.

The system would be able to make full use of system resources by disabling all processes and components that are not required for gaming. A separate boot option will be perfect for those who use the same PC for work and gaming.

2. Alternative Startup Option

An alternative start-up option is another suggestion that can also be considered by the tech giant. It states that the gamers should be able to add some alternative start-up options in the Windows Settings.

Rather than logging into the normal Windows 10 desktop, it will allow the users to run a particular app (Origin, Steam or or a game right at a start-up. Once the app is launched the users will be able to launch, purchase, update, uninstall, chat etc.

Hence all the features will be available at one place along with a mouse and controller support. While the Windows will log off as soon as the app is closed.

Take Aways

Keeping in view the fact that the PC gaming business is expected to grow in future while there might be a decline in the overall PC market. It’s the right time for Microsoft to jump into the development phase to meet the demands of its users.

Just like the Windows Lite Edition, Microsoft needs to make PC Gaming a primary focus in Windows 10 Gaming Edition rather than just a feature in the operating system. This version is going to be specifically tailored and optimized for the gamers.

It is definitely going to help most of the gamers to get rid of most of the unnecessary elements.

All the PC Gamers out there! Comment down below if you have any suggestions for the Windows 10 Gaming Editions.


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