The 6 Best Windows Mixed Reality Gaming Experiences

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Mixed Reality headsets have been around for awhile, yet they never seem to have really taken off with the general public. One of the reason behind this is that the headsets were far too expensive for the average gamer.

Furthermore, there wasn’t a large selection of games that had Mixed Reality Headset capabilities. However, all of that is about to change.

First of all, Windows Mixed Reality, or more commonly known as VR (virtual reality), will soon have access to Steam virtual reality games later this month. This will bring a whole lot of amazing games to the mixed reality system.

Furthermore, WMR Headsets and controllers are steadily becoming cheaper and cheaper. They also do not require an insanely expensive, powerful computer to run.

Finally, Microsoft announced that they are working together with 343 Industries to create a mixed reality experience based on the popular Halo games.

There’s a ton of exciting things to look forward to in the near future for WMR. However, for now lets talk about the best Windows mixed reality apps for gaming already available on the Microsoft Store.

Top Mixed Reality games in the Microsoft Store

Arizona Sunshine 

Perfect for the gamer who wants to experience a shoot em up through a WMR system. Also, there’s zombies.

Arizona Sunshine is one of the best big budget shooter games specifically built for a VR system.  It features amazingly detailed graphics, a massive world, and most importantly, great gameplay.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic, war torn western America where zombie hordes roam freely. Use your survival instincts to navigate through the numerous flesh eating monsters as you try to find other human beings. Handle your weapons with motion controllers as you expend scarce ammo on the nearest human turned walking(or running) horror.

This game is absolutely thrilling. Not to mention that the WMR system will make the gameplay all the more immersive.

You can get it on the Microsoft store for $40.


Immersive and surreal, Form gives you a WMR adventure that is hard to forget. 

In the game Form, you play as a gifted physicist known as Dr. Devin Eli who is investigating a strange signal which is emanating from an alien artifact. The environment you play in is abstract and dreamlike . Thoughts of the mind are shown in this environment as complex machines. And it is your job as Dr. Devin Eli, to adventure to the center of the human mind in order to discover the alternate realities that are found there.

The large majority of the gameplay is composed puzzles. The puzzles are in an alien environment and are created in such an intriguing way that they will always capture your curiosity and interest. Also, the puzzles are not overly complicated that you will have to watch a walk through on YouTube to get through it.

Perhaps the most stunning part of this game, however, is its visuals. The complex visuals can be described as being similar to lucid dreaming. The world is constantly morphing around you as you put together each piece of the puzzle. Of course, complex, stunning visual on a VR system requires a high end computer to run. So, it is important to make sure that your computer is powerful enough to run this game smoothly.

Form costs $15 on the Microsoft Store.

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Strategy game fanatics will love this game to bits.

Playing Skyworld will give you access to a beautifully animated world that is filled with fantasy themes. Build an empire on Skyworld as you conquer and battle your opponents in both single player and multiplayer.

Yes, that is right, Skyworld is a WMR game that allows you to compete against your friends or fellow gamers online. Furthermore, it supports cross-platform multipler.

Since Skyworld is a RTS game, the controls are unique as you will be using WMR controllers to navigate and control your armies. If you are looking for an innovative approach to the classic strategy gameplay, then you will want to try Skyworld.

This game is available at about $40.

Space Pirate Trainer

An arcade shooter that is great for people who like moving around a lot in a room scale environment. 

Space Pirate Trainer is fast, action-packed, and not expensive at all. In fact you only need to pay $15 to get this WMR game.

In this arcade game you shoot up waves after waves of drones in FPV and protect your ship at all cost with a wide variety of guns and tools.

The game costs $15.

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Tee Time Golf

Too lazy to hit your nearest golf field? Tee Time Golf has got you covered. 

The MWR system is not only great for first person shooters and puzzle solving games, but it is also perfect for sport games. Handle the motion controllers like you would an actual golf club to move that tiny ball into that tiny cup for a highly satisfying VR experience on Tee Time Golf.

The great thing about Tee Time Golf is that you can create your own golf courses. When you are building your own course, you have buildings, foliage, tee boxes, hazards, and other objects to work with. Of course, there are already pre-built courses for you to enjoy.

Also, apparently there will soon be a multiplayer option coming soon, which will make this game even better.

Tee Time Golf is priced at $15.


Indulge in your burning desire for mayhem, strategy, and fast paced shooting games with SUPERHOT VR.

Yes, the game is a FPS, but it is completely different from your typical shooters game. It is a FPS game, but there is a strategy element added to it. Specifically, you can literally freeze time. In other words, your enemy moves only when you move. This means that you can pause the game in the middle of a gun, knife fight to figure out your next best course of action is.

SUPERHOT is super fun and immersive and only cost $25. Here is a quick peek into the game:


Some say the day and age of VR gaming is almost here. With all the good news lately, it might just be true. Experience the world of WMR with the best windows mixed reality apps for gaming. Whether you are into shooters, strategy, or sport games, Windows store has it all.

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